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Re: HTML - sharing design and logic

by dfaure (Chaplain)
on Jul 01, 2004 at 12:59 UTC ( #371065=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to HTML - separating design and logic

I think it is never trully possible to seperate design and logic

IMHO, you should take care to differentiate applicative-logic and GUI-logic, and consider 3 abstraction layers:

  1. HTML-Template data, aka GUI elements, look-and-feel, skins, whatever you call it.
  2. GUI-logic, tiny code elements, totally dedicated to data appearance. There you'll use HTML::Template modules or equivalent to handle HTML data from above layer. Taking an OO-approach, you may define here a "widgets" hierarchy of specialized objects.
  3. Lastly, You'll have applicative-logic dedicated to manage applicative-datas and providing them to users through the help of above layer functionnalities.
+-------+ | Users | +-------+ ^ | v +------------+ +-----------+ | HTML-Datas |-->| GUI-logic | +------------+ +-----------+ ^ | v +-------------------+ | Applicative-logic | +-------------------+ ^ | v +-------+ | Datas | +-------+

Pro: Design and logic are separated.

Cons: You'll have to stricly follow the rules of responsability separation when developping the differents layers. Anyway, you'll have a bit more code to produce and support all caveats involvde (more code => more bugs => more tests required => less time).

This kind of slicing gives you the basements to build applications decribed as 'Model-View-Controller' in Design-Pattern litteracy.

Updated:corrected some typos and added schematic.

HTH, Dominique
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