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Re^3: Benchmark, -s versus schwartzian (vs hash)

by Anonymous Monk
on Aug 23, 2004 at 09:19 UTC ( #385030=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Benchmark, -s versus schwartzian (vs hash)
in thread Benchmark, -s versus schwartzian

I'm curious which comparison routines get optimized.
No block, $a <=> $b, $b <=> $a, $a cmp $b and $b cmp $a.
I don't see why you'd be surprised that creating a single hash would be faster than creating a ton of tiny anonymous arrays.
No lookup would even be faster. With a GRT you don't use block with sort, and hence, no array or hash lookup.
use Benchmark "cmpthese"; our @files = glob "/bin/*"; our (@o, @s, @g); cmpthese -1 => { ordinary => '@o = sort {-s $a <=> -s $b} @files', st => '@s = map $_ -> [0], sort {$a -> [1] <=> $b -> [1]} map [$_ => -s], @files', grt => '@g = map substr ($_, 8), sort map sprintf ("%08d%s", -s, $_), @files', }; die unless "@o" eq "@s" && "@o" eq "@g"; __END__ Rate ordinary st grt ordinary 684/s -- -54% -63% st 1492/s 118% -- -20% grt 1864/s 172% 25% --

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