Update: Okay so the first post of this sparked some discussion about more standardized CSS tags. While there is still no standard we are trying to convert all intances of _ to -. Apparently _ is not completely support in all browsers so for the sake of compatibility we are making this change.

Now my definition of recently may be a bit off. These are just a few of the many changes I have seen in the past month or so. I've tried to document them as well as possible and do them justice. Please know that these make up probably 5-6 out of the last 50+ patches so there is tons of development going on. Some of it is under the hood, some of it is amazing new stuff that will wow you in the future, and some is development on the development engine! That is by no means a comprehensive list either so please know that the members of pmdev are hard at work trying to make this as great a place as possible. So without further stalling here are some of the biggest changes (to me) that you will notice and hopefully appreciate.

CSS For Chat and Private Messages (thanks to theorbtwo)

Chat Messages are now wrapped in 2 span tags. The outer most is class chat, the inner one is class chatfrom_{userid}. This allows you to style chat messages in general or specific messages from individuals. There are also msg, and msgfrom_{userid} classes for private messages as well.

For instance I have: .msgfrom_263384:before, .chatfrom_263384:before {content: "\0020AA"} which puts a cool little symbol in front of chat messages, and msg's from myself.

CSS For New Replies (by me)

This css lets you style replies to a node based on the date they were created. This is only usefull if you use the newest node page and click the "I've checked all these" button. Any nodes created since the last time you clicked that will be classed differently. Here are the classes. reply and reply_body are applied to ALL replies. This allows you to style all replies even if you don't care about new / old. New messages will then also have the classes replynew and replynew_body. This will allow you to then also apply some different styles to replies that have been submitted since you last "check all these". For instance I use the following CSS:

.reply { background-color: rgb(180, 180, 255); } .reply-new { background-color: rgb(255, 180, 180); }

CSS For Reply Bodies (thanks to diotalevi)

There is now a pmnote-{userid} class wrapped around the bodies of replies.

Previewing While Not Logged In (thanks to davido)

This now results in a large text "You aren't logged in." This should help cut down on duplicate posts by monks who then login and repost.

Nodelet CSS Changes (thanks to demerphq)

Class and ID tags have been added as follows. class="nodelet_head_row" and id="nodelet_head_row_$name" for the header and then class="nodelet_body_row" and id="nodelet_body_row_$name" for the actual body of the nodelets. This will let you style each nodelete, or all nodeletes accordingly. No sample for this yet, maybe demerphq could show use how he uses it!

Newest Nodes CSS (by me)

Each table row now has a class node-from-{userid}. Usefully for highlighting or hiding entries.

CSS for Weekly, Monthly, Daily Best (thanks to demerphq)

Classes even and odd are applied to each item (well to each even and odd item) as well as a class item-000 through item-009. Those are in order from best to worst and would let you highlight the top, or remove the bottum ones. Some sample CSS would be great here as well! See demerphq's post below regarding a more detailed explanation of these.

Yea 256th post! :)

Eric Hodges