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Nice node, thanks eric256. Couple of minor points, the CSS for Weekly, Monthly and Daily Best also applies to the Other Users nodelet and anything else handled by an internal caching system called get_picked_nodes. Other Users however has an additional class "user-USERID" that can be used to flag via CSS specific users in the OU nodelet. Additionally the table views (and not the nodelet views) from this system now also support the style tags, as well as an additional tag 'auth-USERID' which can thus be used to make your own nodes in Best Nodes stand out. (I hope folks are ok that i used differnt classes for these two purposes, i figured it was likely they would be used differently so I kep them distinct)

My main thought with these tags was that some style guru might come up with some kind of nice color scheme for OU and other lists of info. The other thing is that there are also class="other-users-text" which is the full text at the top of the OU box, and class="other-users-blurb" which is just the randomly generated part of the blurb.

Regarding the nodelet classes, any spaces in $name are translated to underbars before the class name is created. And I mostly use it hide the headers of certain nodelets to get a "merged" effect. This is mostly useful IMO for cabal type users who often have/want lots of nodelets. Likewise its easy to change the styling of nodelet titles.

BTW, its worth saying that CSS here is a bit of a crap shoot. If folks out there would like classes created they should ask. Likewise its common nowadays to think about adding classes that _someone_ might feel useful even if we in pmdev don't. So sometimes we will be missing seemingly obviously useful classes, and sometimes there will be classes that are entirely useless. Oh well. :-)


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Originally i mentioned a few things that i thought should be done, and then I went and did them instead of just talking about them and now they are done, so the node got updated. So there :-)