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Why I Like

by FouRPlaY (Monk)
on Oct 31, 2000 at 04:34 UTC ( #39216=perlmeditation: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Something has been nagging at the back of my head ever since I shaved my head and became a monk... Why do I look forward to coming to this site everyday? What is it's appeal?

There is the obvious of PerlMonks being a collection of very talented Perl programmers who are willing to help out anyone who asks.

But there's something more than that, and I think I finally found out what it is: it reminds me (strongly) of being on a BBS. Yes, an old bulletin board system. Do you remember those? They had "newsgroups" for all kinds of messages, uploads and downloads; where I first got introduced to cracked software and computer "counter" culture. And of course, the games.

The games that were only in text, unless you were lucky enough to have one with full ASCII character graphics.

Then I got on the internet. The internet blew away BBSs in terms of pictures, and information, and games.... all right at your finger tips. I was so distracted by the pretty colours of the 'net that I didn't realise that I had missed one of the best qualities of a BBS: a sense of community.

Finally, by joining PerlMonks I've found that again.

Well, those are just my thoughts. I've been known to ramble on.

Learning Perl or Going To Die Trying

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RE: Why I Like
by AgentM (Curate) on Oct 31, 2000 at 04:42 UTC
      Mr. Rogers! I love it! (I think) :)

      Believe it or not, there are those know know me who would be astonished by that. I've actually got quite a temper and a tongue that can clip a hedge, if I'm not careful. I can't even begin to count the number of times I've erased negative posts rather than incur the wrath of my fellow monks ('cause I love you g(?:uy|al)s!

      On a side note, I'd just like to say that I love Perlmonks because I just got my Perlmonks t-shirt today! Cheers,

      Join the Perlmonks Setiathome Group or just go the the link and check out our stats.

        Methinks it takes the patience of a saint to come through hell on camelback and still have a grin on one's face!
      just plain insane nerds, prefer the monastery to the asylum. I like to meditate unrestrained, because it allows my insanity to lead me to some revalation, and not a stray jacket.

      "When was the last time you messed with a crazy nerd? Didn't think so."
                                                                                        - crazyinsomniac

RE: Why I Like
by kilinrax (Deacon) on Oct 31, 2000 at 16:36 UTC
    One of the big differences between PerlMonks and a BBS is that I actually feel like time spent here can be quite productive.
    Reading through the archives, asking questions, answering questions, reading fellow monks answers to other people's questions; all of this helps me along the One True Path of Perl enlightenment.
    Arguably this can be A Bad Thing, as I spend even more time on PerlMonks than I used to on BBS's (an impressive feat). But it is also arguably A Good Thing, as I'm spending a great deal of time improving my Perl skills ;-)
RE: Why I Like
by neophyte (Curate) on Oct 31, 2000 at 14:42 UTC
    It is a huge text adventure, complete with points to gain or lose.
    It is a WAN-party with lots of participants from all over the world.
    And more: I actually learn a lot I can use for everyday live on perlmonks.


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