in reply to Spooky math problem

Because it has been awhile since I have received deluge of downvotes and because I am eager to secure my fourth position in the all-time worst nodes hall of fame, it is time for me to ask a question:

What does the original post in this thread have to do with Perl? And, assuming I know enough about to Perl that my conclusion that it has nothing to do with Perl is correct, then why should I not downvote this because it has no business here?

Of course, it is very hard to criticize someone whom you have met in person, but, well, somebody's gotta do the dirty work.

And of course finally,due to my highly developed psychic powers, I can already see a -30 or -40 reputation on this post. But, if you would be so kind, please drop me a line as to why I deserve such treatment for an innocent and reasonable post.

Over and out, the -- magnet, princepawn