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RE: RE: RE: Do you own a gun?

by neshura (Chaplain)
on Feb 23, 2000 at 23:42 UTC ( #3955=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to RE: RE: Do you own a gun?
in thread Do you own a gun?

lengthy missive condensed:

what an asshole. still, sometimes it seems like there's more of them than of us. avoiding bad situations is an awfully good skill to have (even if you know you could take a guy, no prob). i've talked my way out of a potential disaster before -- i think if i had weapons, i'd be tempted to use them. case in point: somewhat recent story here in CA, nice man with family is asleep when house is broken into by burglars with guns. nice man has gun to protect himself and his family. In the firefight that follows, he kills a burglar but is killed himself, and wife is injured as well. (Worth saving his possessions from theft? I really don't think so)

Maybe the best protection is to forgo material wealth, avoid drunken clods, and always use the buddy system.

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(jeffa) RE: RE: RE: RE: Do you own a gun?
by jeffa (Bishop) on Jul 01, 2000 at 01:52 UTC
    buddy system: duck behind your buddy

    <sound of crickets chirpin>

    anybody still looking at this poll?

      No Jeffa, no one is still reading this poll. *grin*

      Though to answer the poll many months too late, I don't have a gun, but I've fired before. I was a decent shot. Don't knwo if I could ever fire any anything alive. Guess that makes me a wimp. Who cares. It was fun to shoot, but not worth the major hassle in the state I live to get a permit.

      =Blue might be eaten by a grue...

      no jeff.... you're fired :)

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