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Howdy, CPAN has some great modules out on Math, Trig and 3D. Or at least they look great! I've been searching for some examples in use so i can join in. The documentation covers the names of functions but a concrete example slips my grasp so i can use it myself. I've looked at Math::Trig and Math::Project3D.

I want to rotate a 3d vector by a certain amount and return the new vector points so my app can do stuff with it. The 3d vector i have is a point on the edge of a sphere in 3d space. I want to rotate this point by foo and get the 3 vector points back in a subroutine.

I would include some code but its basically the example from Math:Project3D. Which i hope i do not need. Any advice, or known examples are greatly appreciated. Zaxo had a nice snippet but i got lost in the fact that there were only 2 vector points. Seems like the answer is in there somewhere though.

thanks for reading.