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Terminology. Suppose one language requires an open desk reference and a web page open to the standard library. That's Java. Suppose another is easily learned and remembered. That's Perl 5. Now suppose we add 50 operators to Perl 5... just like the File test operators, that's something else to remember.

Having only 3 major data types IS pretty minimalist, maybe not uber-minimalist, but that's a good thing.

I think I'll like writing perl6 more then I liked writing perl5 (and I like writing perl5 a lot).

Oh yeah, I totally agree here. Depends who wins the Perl5/Ruby thing, probably, but I know I'll like it better. Can't say that makes it wrong to ask questions about how it could be simpler though.

Complex tools are a good thing. Advanced concepts in the core are an awesome thing. Innovation is a good thing. However, keeping the syntax clean and straightforward, and ... yes .. minimialist while adding features is important to me. I don't want another "open desk reference" kind of language.