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Teacher, Biologist & Comp.Scientist (M.Sc.) by education. Worked with SW construction since 1984 (Ix86 assembler, C & VB, UNIX C +/C++, MSWindows Web & C/S C++, VB, C#). Primary roles as SW engineer, + architect & tech. expert in R&D. (Re)discovered Perl in 2004 when solving a task of reverse engineering + and analyzing a large SW complex of enterprise legacy code, -- using + make & AWK... Switched to Perl in the next version of the tool, and +have since used Perl for a tool doing log extraction and statistical +analysis & presentation monitoring the performance of webservices. Using Perl to toy with paradigms and concepts (OO, HOP &c), -- and loo +king forward to Perl6 providing even more power to the people...