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XP is just a number

Stat Crack?

by royalanjr (Chaplain)
on Nov 09, 2000 at 03:14 UTC ( #40650=perlmeditation: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I've never thought myself too awful much wowed by stats; at least in most cases.

On the famous stats page it shows a quote by Ozymandias: "It's like crack for statisticians"

It would seem that were true. I find myself looking on there everyday to see the new pics, the new dots on the maps, the new numbers, everything. I'm hooked!

Is there a twelve-step program for stats? Do I call my buddy whenever I wonder what monk has moved the most XP lately?

Roy Alan

Yes, it's silly, but I never claimed to be right in the head *smile*

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RE: Stat Crack?
by Blue (Hermit) on Nov 09, 2000 at 04:07 UTC
    Heh, I know the feeling. Checking up to see who's had big moves. When I realized that my posts/day was way lower then it should be for an active member it helped my delurk some. Monkmaps are the bomb. (So far, jptxs seems to be the closest to me.) It's very cool.

    jcwren, is there any way to help?

    =Blue might be eaten by a grue...

    UPDATE: Fixed the spelling on jptxs' name.

      actually, that's jptxs :) but the whole reason i have that name is so i can continue the pox of people mispelling my name in real life out here on the internet. (for the idly curious jptxs is my initials - have fun deciphering)

      "sometimes when you make a request for the head you don't
      want the big, fat body...don't you go snickering."
                                               -- Nathan Torkington UoP2K a.k.a gnat

      I hadn't gone over there until this thread. Yow!
      Bad news for this stat addict.
      Though I'll probably stay in lurk and hunt mode for awhile yet in terms of code examples. I still think too much in Perl 4.
        ah ha! yet another one hooked...

        Several monks (with their blue/red monk shirts, of course) sitting around in chairs. One of them is standing up. In a shakey voice he declares "Hi. My name is lemming, and I am a stat addict." The rest of the group chants back "Hello lemming."

        You too, can be part of the cure. Volunteer with your local Stataholics Annonymous. Hard-coding Perl Monks need your help. Every day they are faced with the dread flood of numbers, often useless and trivial. They are your friends, your family, your coworkers; and they need your help.

        Roy Alan

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