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Re: Accessing Microsoft Access Databases

by Fastolfe (Vicar)
on Nov 09, 2000 at 21:00 UTC ( #40742=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Accessing Microsoft Access Databases

All the DBI module does (in this context) is send SQL queries to the server. If your SQL server is capable of activating stored procedures/queries via SQL, then yah, just send that SQL as part of your DBI request. I'm afraid I'm not very fluent with Access, but I'm sure your Access documentation will show you how to do this via SQL/ODBC. Perhaps another poster can elaborate further if they know, but otherwise, consult your Access docs. Hope this helps.
$sth = $dbh->prepare('SELECT * FROM STORED_PROCEDURE WHERE ID=?') or d +ie "prepare: $!"; $sth->execute($id); ...

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