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You're using Colectivist arguments as if they disprove Individualist arguments.
That's an interesting claim, considering that I didn't try to disprove anything.
leaving the meaning up to me
...obviates the need for system-tracked XP at all. Just award them to yourself whenever you think you deserve them, and give yourself the title you think you deserve. That's individualism.

Your individualized scoring system is no more available than mine, so I don't see how you can criticize my proposal on that basis.

at least let us have our opinions without being told they're wrong
While I didn't tell you that your opinion is wrong, it seems hypocritical to say that my opinion on that matter should be squelched.

What I proposed is a system that tracks several measures separately, and any individual has them available to make a personal evaluation, distinct from the "Collectivist" evaluation by the system that XP are.

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