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I am a *nix fan at heart. I use Linux exclusively at home, but I've now found myself in an interesting situation: I need to work on Perl for Linux, BSD, Windows, and MacOS/X. Beyond that, actually, I need to use that variety of systems to actually develop on: Linux at home, BSD, Windows, and OS/X at various sites for work.

I read perl editor on windows, Windows Text Editor for Perl, Perl Editor for Windows, and the best perl editor/ide on win32? already, but I'm still left with a question: What's a good editor, with a consistent interface, that works across all those platforms? Killer features, for me:

Those are required, what would be nice:

Any ideas? I've tried the ported versions of Emacs and Vim, but I find they both lack features I rely on. The closest I've come is FTE, but it hasn't proved stable on all the OS's, and doesn't have project support.

I welcome your wisdom, O great cross-platform Monks!

Update: I have settled on using Emacs, as the newest version for Win32 seems to work beautifully. Thanks to oknow's suggestion of using the Speedbar, I no longer use folding. As for project management, nothing I've found for Emacs works, so I'm rolling my own. It's essentially a Tk application that reads file names and paths from a flat text file and calls out to Emacs to open them when clicked. Same deal for snippets.

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