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What a charming but naive attitude. Good job Hitler isn't standing (or is he?).

From here it seems totally weird that Americans appear content to elect someone who's - lets be polite - 'not the sharpest tool in the toolshed'. Gore may be wooden but Bush is as thick as two short planks

But my point is, no matter which one of these guys gets into office, how's that going to affect the NSA? What'll NASA be like in four years? How bout the BATF? Pretty much exactly the same. You support the middle one cause it's your best chance of getting off this rock, and you fear the other two. The departments have the power nowadays. With Congress split as badly as it is, and with the American people divided 50/50 on who gets in, the beuracracy will be thicker than ever. Nothing will get done. Except in the various agencies that do their job without the need for a congressional or popular vote. The BATF will still raid houses and blow up "evil people". The CIA will continue to spy on the Iraquis, and the FBI will continue to look for the truth. The fnords will continue, with Bush or Gore in office.

Heh heh. My 23rd post, I used the word "fnord"