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Item Description: Right and Wrong for IT Professionals

Review Synopsis: Don't even wrap fish it in

Have you ever wondered about questions like "Can I steal?", "Should I tape my co-workers having sex in the office?", or "Is it okay to break the rules if the FBI says it's for national security?" Those are actual questions answered in this book, and it may be for you because it not only tells you what's right, but it always gives you two answers to choose from. One lets you do what you want, and the other doesn't. That's double the value.

Sadly, this is distributed by O'Reilly Media (published by Syngress), and falls far short of the quality that most people have attached to that publisher. I tend to think that most reasonable people can answer these questions on their own and if they can't, they really don't want to do the right thing anyway. The question is often the answer.