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I've seen a good number of posts that include something along the lines of "based on a chatterbox conversation..." or "J. Random Monk gave me the idea in chatterbox...", an no one has problems with these. This leads me to believe that people, in general, don't mind sharing their ideas.

The chatterbox is a different forum then a node. Shorter, usually less formal, more spontanious. Just as an IRC chat with a friend will differ from a paper or presentation, style changes between nodes and chatterbox.

Some of the comments I saw in the chatterbox (self referential, eh?) today had people talking about how they would have to watch what they wrote or not use chatterbox if it was publicly logged. I personally think that that would be a shame for our community.

These give me a default behavior that I can use personally unless asked differently - give credit for good ideas seen in the chatterbox, but no verbatum posts without permission. This might be a good policy for PM to make official, so that people do not have to worry about what they say, like a police state with taps on every phone.


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