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I pity da foo who forgets to add a title

by vroom (His Eminence)
on Nov 17, 2000 at 09:54 UTC ( [id://42170]=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

In this weeks continuing tradition of fixing long complained about annoyances on PM. Now whenever you press one of those flashy new submit buttons you better watch out if you haven't added a title.

What's next a preview in all places and the prevention of double posts???? Stay tuned for more hot PM feature addition updates.

vroom | Tim Vroom |

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Re: Re: (jptxs) I pity da foo who forgets to add a title
by jptxs (Curate) on Nov 17, 2000 at 10:47 UTC
    package MrT; use strict; use Exporter; use vars qw(@ISA @EXPORT_OK); @ISA = qw(Exporter); @EXPORT_OK = qw(&tprint); sub tprint { my @sayings = ( 'I pity the fool that ', 'The sucka better ', 'Maybe you should come over here and see what a real man is li +ke cause ', '"No way you gettin me in that airplane" said Mr. T as he fain +ted and '); my $choice = rand 4; print $sayings[$choice], @_; } 1;
    <myExperience> $mostLanguages = 'Designed for engineers by engineers.'; $perl = 'Designed for people who speak by a linguist.'; </myExperience>

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