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Automation and Manual testing using HTTP::Recorder

by mkirank (Chaplain)
on Jan 28, 2005 at 14:48 UTC ( #425968=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

mkirank has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

when users are manually testing a web application , they have a spread sheet where they have the following columns (Testcase,Expected Result, Pass/Fail).
1. What is the best possible approach to use Http::Recorder to generate *a part of* the test case that will be written

For example the the test case might be Enter User ID "someid" and Password "your pass" in the login page of the Application and click on "Login" button.
Http::Recorder gets data like
$agent->form_name( "FORM_NAME" ); $agent->submit_form( form_name => "FORM_NAME", fields => { pass => 'secret', login => 'mkirank' }, );

Can we Generate some sort of sentence that can be used in the test case

2. Is it possible to Integrate Http::Recorder output with Win32::IE::Mechanize/ SAMIE to automate the testing (considering Javascript,frames ...) . Can you point me to some examples

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Re: Automation and Manual testing using HTTP::Recorder
by McMahon (Chaplain) on Jan 28, 2005 at 15:32 UTC
    I've chased this particular rabbit down an alarming number of holes over the past several years.

    I have a couple of suggestions (but they don't involve any of the software you've mentioned):

    You mention SAMIE and Win32::IE::Mechanize, so I'm going to assume that you're working on a Windows platform with Internet Explorer. Far and away the best IE test driver I have ever seen is called WATIR and runs under Ruby. It works by directly manipulating the DOM/COM interface in IE. The developers on the project are great, and have implemented a lot of features at users' request. The WATIR framework is far superior to SAMIE, IMO.

    But that still leaves the problem of javascript popups and all the other things you need to manipulate in order to do effective system/functional testing. It is still the case that the tools to develop software are far more powerful than the tools to test software.

    I am building a test automation system right now that uses WATIR/Ruby to muck around in the HTML, but uses Win32::GuiTest to handle complex javascript popups. The Perl layer also uses all of the other powerful Perl goodness of file checking, network connections, DBI, etc. It's turning out to be remarkably effective.

    If you are interested in cross-browser testing, both Selenium and IEUnit I think show a lot of promise, but they have limitations that make them impractical for my particular project.

    Please let us know your experience, as there are many other monks attempting this work, also.
      I had read one of your previous posts on watir, I havent been able to look at it yet, I did try Win32::IE::Mechanize I ran into a bug I have posted the same and intimated the author
      Also would it be possible for you to share some more details about your test automation
      Thanks for your Inputs
        Well, WATIR is implemented in Ruby, so it's not really appropriate for this forum. The rest is Win32::GuiTest, which is easily found on Sourceforge, DBI, and the Net::* modules. The details are pretty boring. =)

        All of these projects have active mail lists, I suggest that you join them.
        can anybody help in installing http::Recorder?

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