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I'm editing an existing XML file by cutting children and inserting elements into a twig. The orginal XML is formatted as follows:
<PrimaryServers> <Server Name="Old_1"/> <Server Name="Old_2"/> </PrimaryServers>
That particular section is edited with the following:
my $ps = $sc->first_child('PrimaryServers'); $ps->cut_children; $ps->insert_new_elt("Server")->set_att('Name', "New_1"); $ps->insert_new_elt("Server")->set_att('Name', "New_2");
Everything works as expected. However, when dumping the XML to a file with $root->print() that section appears as:
<PrimaryServers><Server Name="New_2"/><Server Name="New_1"/></PrimaryS +ervers>
How do I define a formating style on those inserted children so that the final output will appear as:
<PrimaryServers> <Server Name="New_2"/> <Server Name="New_1"/> </PrimaryServers>
I've tried setting pretty_print to 'indented' as well as the other choices but none see to work. The rest of the XML retains the original formatting, it's just the twig that I edited that is lacking the formatting.