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Is Ton Hospel really just a quantum computer running Perl NAN?
This has been the subject of intense speculation for years. There are no known photos and as indicated by the following exchange, only one golfer has ever seen him in real life:

On Thu, 2 May 2002, Ton Hospel wrote: > > Jerome Quelin writes: > >> I begin to think that Ton is an alien. This makes me wonder: has an +yone seen >> Ton in real life? ;) >> > I have. That's just what an alien _would_ say. -- Stephen Turner, Cambridge, UK +tephen/ "This is Henman's 8th Wimbledon, and he's only lost 7 matches." BBC, 2 +/Jul/01

Or is there something inherently irrational or unfathomable about the whole golfing process, and therefore the mindset that excells at it? (And by extrapolation, something we'd rather not know for fear of becoming too much like "them"?)
I've often felt the golfer's mindset could be a fertile ground for study in the field of psychiatry. :-) Seriously, my feeling is that being a brilliant Perl golfer has more to do with personal qualities, such as intelligence, resourcefulness, competitiveness, tenacity, and so on, than it has to do with Perl knowledge. Indeed a complete Perl beginner, Mickut from Finland, performed so sensationally in TPR(0,3) that he's listed second in The Sand-Baggin' Hall of Shame (for persons calling themselves Beginners while they are in fact driving like hard-boiled veterans) at `/anick's BoG. After programming in Perl for just four hours, he began moving past some veteran programmers with years of Perl experience!

I well remember autrijus making a brilliant debut at Ton's tournament. If you read Ton's post mortem, you will appreciate that he was in no doubt back then that Autrijus was a very rare talent indeed. After the tournament, I sent Autrijus a congratulatory email and remember him replying that he only wished he could summon up the same intensity for his other hacking projects. So you see his recent scintillating PUGS coding frenzy is nothing compared to what he is truly capable of. ;-)