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Well spoken !

I've stayed out of the princepawn discussion for a long time since I saw no good coming out of the personal arguments flinging back and forth (and I only saw worse coming if I'd entered the discussion). But I've always found princepawn, together with mt2k, a bit annoying but still a part of the monastery. t0mas compared princepawn to Don Quixote, and I guess it's what I admired, the ability to always come back and try again (and even gain XP in the process).

Every time somebody leaves the monastery in a spectacular way (Abigail, mt2k and now princepawn), this should be a warning sign, as "we" (as the community) have proven unable to integrate/tolerate them. And I want to see the Monastery as a community (and not a faction), so my goal still is to provide help (and not salvation) even for the heathen - of course, some heathen get easier help from me than others, but I'm no saint (yet), so I'm allowed to have stains on my halo.

I always remember the rules of the Fidonet programming forum asmx86 (x86 assembly language), which help me stay calm in the face of ignorance everywhere :