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The reason I'm doing that is cause I've read, on node Using fork with DBI to create simultaneous db connections., that DBI hates forking and you must use a new DBI connection for each child. Else you'll get DBI stepping on it's feet and causing unpredictable results.

Initial thought of creating the script was to run a child for each system; each system runs aprox 45 seconds upto 1 minu 30 seconds before it finishes.

for($i = 0; $i < $numchilds; $i++) {fork;  connect; while (get_task) {run_task}; disconnect; exit;}

You're suggesting taking the pool of tasks, split them into 5 arrays and then run them?

My tasks is updating a load of 100+ server stats in a database. I'll have to use some kind of splitting to split the array of hosts into 5 arrays (as evenly as possible) for splitting into individual forks.

That's a possiblity...

Thanks, I'll try that.

-- philip
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