in reply to Chapter 714: The Long Chapter

I think this is the best place on the web to learn about Perl. I've been hanging around, occasionally asking questions and always getting good answers. Someday I may be good enough to post answers, but I doubt I will, or even get a username. I really don't believe that being honest, polite, and helpful will make me a successful member of the community, especially since I sometimes disagree with some of the adolescents on perlmonks who are just as concerned about proving their power as they are about hacking Perl. I don't think this makes perlmonks any different from the rest of the web. In fact, in this respect, perlmonks is a great place. Over 50% of the posts are substantive and about Perl and not personal attacks, which when you compare with other web sites where user content predominates is pretty awesome. Keep up the good work :|