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Re^4: disk space utilization

by graff (Chancellor)
on Apr 14, 2005 at 03:34 UTC ( #447642=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: disk space utilization
in thread disk space utilization

If what you want is to get the available space on a specific disk volume from within a perl script, I'd do something like this:
my $targ_vol = "/"; my @df_output = `df -k $targ_vol`; # output should be two lines: # first line is column headings, second line is data my %df_data; if ( @df_output ) { my @headings = split( /\s+/, $df_output[0] ); my @data = split( /\s+/, $df_output[1] ); @df_data{@headings} = @data; } print "available on $targ_vol: $df_data{Avail}\n"; # (your version of df might use some string similar to but different f +rom "Avail")
You shouldn't have a problem if you're just looking at "/".

(update: if you're looking at some path other than "/", you need to be careful about knowing whether it's on some different file system, and figuring out whether that file system is currently mounted -- if it isn't, df will give you info about "/" instead. And God help you if it's mounted as NFS, and the NFS server has gone down...)

(update: BTW, when I try "df | egrep '/^'", nothing comes out, which is what I would expect; but if I do "df | egrep '/$'", I get the line that ends with a slash. That's what I don't understand about your usage in the OP -- I think it can't work as posted, unless your "egrep" is way different from mine...)

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