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ysth's pmdev TODO scratchpad

by ysth (Canon)
on May 31, 2005 at 10:30 UTC ( #461983=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

  • add edit tutorials source link to Tutorials in upper right corner
  • axe notepointers
  • reuse repliesinfo create page to fix up repliesinfo
  • Create a New User: ban former user names (titles of notes to users)
  • update [] handling (grep for handleLinks; replace with what expandfreenodelet/parselinksincontent do, plus entize unmatched [.
  • votescast/reputation correction: do count, do {force refetch} while count!=recount, update
    node range, options to count, list, or fix
  • need a superdoc/sitedoclet to show and explain handlelinks settings to all and sundry
  • preview button on code catacombs, snippets section, new poll
  • showhints on comment on and reply to pages
  • new vote display options: spread off/norm spread/percent only unless mixed and < 5 votes cast
  • make show my votes from pm usersearch; paging by daterange, only up/downvote selection; username selection for gods; see also My Votes
  • rename update_private in node editors page in order to not match update_.*
  • replace "tough beans" with an assortment chosen from The editors' hall of mirrors and trickery
  • nodetype display/edit page; grouptable!
  • revise edit user group for all nodegroup types
  • moves should /msg the poster
  • editors nodelet remove edit/history links if not applicable
  • request for new code node - (patch) ; add rotate link?
  • xml defeats patchable settings
  • patch lister pagination keep filter
  • refactor vars stuff to listcode; check that all types listed have patch forms; patch and pmmodule need viewcode pages
  • sopwifying seems to leave answers rootless (though properly parented)
  • bare for newest nodes setting types
  • ad_and_talk use just_chat for whoa cowboy
  • htmlpage display page mime type
    nodetype display page; list of displaytypes
    htmlpage display page; list of node types
  • put ? by code settings, not off user settings display settings
  • need a tutorial dbtable to store flags saying it has been linked/won't be linked
  • clean up nre when there are no nodes (skip table)
  • ehomat update at least 1 level of subnotes & check for more
  • ehomat - adjust replies counts ala note maintenance
  • fix not found, etc. to leave query in the Search box
Check if some of these have been already done: ysth, 2004-07-11
Here are some todo notes for small projects I've been accumulating. I'd like to hear reactions (or implementations!) to any or all:
  • Wiki overflow protection (see tye's suggestion)
  • Don't show reaped notes as awaiting approval on Seekers of Perl Wisdom, etc.
  • Easier way to see effect of readmore tags for root nodes (param ;readmore=0??)
  • superdoc to do what Janitors' Tools - Bulk node retitler does, with preview of changes (form to allow tweaks)
  • user setting to cc /msgs to the sender
  • user setting to forward msgs to master user
  • auto-add new Q&A_Section's ala sourcecode section maintenance create
  • show mimetype on htmlpage display page
  • pollster: rename norkut, add gods, change new poll to superdoc with membership check, change ipaddress table to pollvote with ipaddress field, move 'delete from' to create maintenance, change poll create/update permissions to pollster
  • XP Nodelet get rid of blank when no votes but XP change
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