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Problems? Is your data what you think it is?

Where are you? PerlMonk!

by mda2 (Hermit)
on Jun 11, 2005 at 23:05 UTC ( #465871=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

English version(sorry mistakes)

Some weeks´s ago I see great programs (and data)... See World Images, I´m impressed with:

  • MonkMaps (PerlMonks! Put your location! )
  • WorldWind (Nasa) - Community info
  • KeyHole (Google´s acquired)

    The KeyHole have great images from Rio de Janeiro/Brasil, this data is great, I found my actual home there!!

    But what it´s happen with Perl?? None, directly, but has with info available from PerlMonks, and I´m start other campaign!

    Put YOUR location on BigMonkMap, don´t need to do exact coords, but to see your continent, country and/or city.

    It´s permit to see more info about where Perl Mongers are localized!

    You see info about PerlMonks? NOT!! See now! It´s a excelent work!

  • Statistical page of PerlMonks
  • Level statistics

    Remember, After insert your tags check your home node!

    Others good tags are os and birthday.

    All non-english speakers... Put your dot at map!

    Portuguese version

    Algumas semanas atrás eu vi ótimos programas (e dados)... Vi Imagens do Globo, fiquei impressionado com:
  • MonkMaps (PerlMonks! Coloque sua localização! )
  • WorldWind (Nasa) - Informações da comunidade
  • KeyHole (Adquirido recentemente pelo Google)

    O KeyHole possui maravilhosas imagens do Rio de Janeiro/Brasil, estes dados são incríveis, eu encontrei minha casa atual nele!!

    Mas o que isto tem a ver com Perl?? Nada, diretamente, porém tem algo com inforções dos PerlMonks, e eu iniciei uma campanha!

    Coloque SUA localização no BigMonkMap, não precisa ser coordenadas exatas, mas para ver seu continente, país e/ou cidade.

    Isto permitirá mais informações sobre onde os Perl Mongers estão localizados!

    VocÇe já viu informações sobre os PerlMonks? NÃO!! Veja agora! Este é um excelente trabalho!

  • Pagina de estatisticas do PerlMonks
  • Estatísticas de Level

    Lembre-se, Após inserir suas tags verifique seu home node!

    Outras tags muito boas são os and birthday.

    A todos aqueles que falam portugues (e outras que não ingles)... Cologuem seus pontos no mapa!

  • Some statistics about tags, Homenodes With:

    Pictures (display) (3.426%) 1184 MonkMap Tags (display) (2.271%) 785 OS Tags (display) (1.612%) 557 Birthday Tags (display) (1.736%) 600 E-mail Tags (display) (1.105%) 382

    Marco Antonio

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    Re: Where are you? PerlMonk!
    by NateTut (Deacon) on Jun 12, 2005 at 15:06 UTC
      Thank you, you have inspired me to get on the BigMonkMap and spiff up my homenode a bit too.

        Me, too -- just added my location.

        However, is it just me or are some of the features of the statistics not working? For example, many people who have writeups are listed as having none.

    Re: Where are you? PerlMonk!
    by SciDude (Friar) on Jun 14, 2005 at 03:48 UTC

      Need some help with the Monk Maps? See my node at Where are all the Monks? for pointers.

      The first dog barks... all other dogs bark at the first dog.

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