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With all due respect, IDEs are not wheelchairs that figure out the complexity of your program. They are tools that remove the menial, tedious, unproductive, uncreative tasks involved with programming on the CLI. In addition, a good IDE provides a level of support that empowers, not satiates, the developer.

The most compelling example of this, for me, is the ability to aggressively refactor projects and have the editor monitor broken variable references and method invokations across the whole project. Such radical changes on the CLI are big, risky commitments - generally avoided in favour of hacks.

As a human (as well as a programmer) IDEs are a huge step forward in terms of HCI. This may be a bitter pill if you have invested significant time and effort in becoming a vim-meister, but that old crufty UNIX engineer stuff is so passe.

Granted, a lot of IDE benefits are geared towards compiled, strongly typed, Object-Oriented languages. If you dont need that functionality, fine, but to suggest that those that do are in some way disabled is pretty ignorant.

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