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I think you asked for it.

To be fair, most of the recent traffic to my homenode was generated by you. It was not my intention to cause such controversy, and I dont think I would have on my own. Needless to say any humourous/educational aspect seems well and truly lost...the script is gone.

I appreciate the sober response - I too am not here for a "slagging match". Live and learn.

time was, I could move my arms like a bird and...
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Re^4: Has a line been crossed by this user
by herveus (Prior) on Jul 06, 2005 at 12:07 UTC

    I'm unclear just what aspect of that was either humorous or educational. It seemed to be more like painting a hallway with Nitrogen Triiodide. People innocently "blunder" into the booby trap, and the effects of doing so are shared with way too many people who aren't in on the joke.

    That the ChatterBox is frequently silly (or Scilly, even) and subject to small talk is irrelevant. At least when someone clicks a homenode button that produces some sort of silly message in the CB, the person had to take an affirmative step to cause it. Your "joke" was triggered merely by visiting your homenode -- a perfectly reasonable act for someone to take. It wasn't particularly funny, and the extra noise in the CB simply served to inflame the discussion further.