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Dear monks,

I have been having trouble finding (imho) satisfactory documentation for the map function.

For example, this, just doesn't tell me what I want to know in a way I can unambiguously understand it. For example, the opening line,

Description: Evaluates the BLOCK or EXPR for each element of LIST (locally setting +$_ to each element) and returns the list value composed of the result +s of each such evaluation
with its sort of circular definition of 'evaluation', makes me look ahead at the examples for clues, but the examples seem too obscure.

(1) Is it just me? Do other people find this documentation clear enough?

(2) Can anyone provide a link to better documentation of this function (or suggest an alternative way to document it)?

Update: After about the fifth time reading through it, I finally understood it, although I am still interested in others' opinions.

Thanks in advance!


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