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Re^2: Process and combine two CSV files into one

by DrAxeman (Scribe)
on Aug 10, 2005 at 17:31 UTC ( #482666=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Process and combine two CSV files into one
in thread Process and combine two CSV files into one

The final step of my process is causing me the most headache. I have all but the last table combined. Ths issues are:

The data in the last table looks like:

Server,Statistic,Average "ERWWCOMMUNITIES","MemoryPagessec",16.436370 "ERWWCOMMUNITIES","NetworkInterfaceCompaqEthernetFastEthernetAdapterMo +duleBytesT otalsec",157380.618090 "ERWWCOMMUNITIES","PhysicalDisk0CPCTDiskTime",33960995.990210 "ERWWCOMMUNITIES","PhysicalDisk1DPCTDiskTime",3158277.602200 "ERWWCOMMUNITIES","PhysicalDiskTotalPCTDiskTime",2541682.536690 "ERWWCOMMUNITIES","PhysicalDiskTotalAvgDiskQueueLength",508335953.6655 +60 "ERWWCOMMUNITIES","ProcessorTotalPCTProcessorTime",1.838210

The first column contains the data I will use to join to the other table. The second column will determine where the data in column 3 will go.

How do I perform a join that will collect this data? My other table looks like:
IP,ServerName,Domain,DaysUptime,OS,RAM,OSSP,InstallDate,CPUSpeed,CPUCo +unt,CPUType,PartitionSize,PartitionFree,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ERWWDC1,EURORSCG,19,Microsoft_Windows_2000_Server_Domain_C +ontroller,1024,4,12_2_2003,995,1,Intel_Pentium_III,8400,4600,ERWWSQLWEB,EURORSCG,266,Microsoft_Windows_2000_Server,2048 +,3,11_21_2003,3000,4,Intel_Xeon,205000,113700,ERWWSEARCH,EURORSCG,21,Microsoft_Windows_2000_Server,1024, +3,11_24_2003,1000,1,Intel_Pentium_III,67700,61000

I need all the data from the second table (a left join, right?) and the relevant data from the first table.

Ideally, the columns for the final table should look something like:
IP,ServerName,Domain,DaysUptime,OS,RAM,OSSP,InstallDate,CPUSpeed,CPUCo +unt, CPUType,PartitionSize,PartitionFree,MemoryPagessec,NetworkBytessec, PhysicalDiskTotalPCTDiskTime,PhysicalDiskTotalAvgDiskQueueLength, ProcessorTotalPCTProcessorTime

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