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Re: Perl as a test tool for Foxpro apps?

by planetscape (Chancellor)
on Aug 17, 2005 at 15:39 UTC ( #484473=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Perl as a test tool for Foxpro apps?

What version of FoxPro are you trying to automate?

The MSDN document you probably want to start with is "Accessing the Visual FoxPro API": VFP 7.0, VFP 8.0, VFP 9.0.

Look in the Samples/API directory under your FoxPro installation for the "pro_ext.h" file, which contains information about all the data structures and API calls you are likely to need. VFP 7.0's looks like this:

//+------------------------------------------------------------------- +------- // // File: pro_ext.h // // Copyright: (c) 1999, Microsoft Corporation. // All Rights Reserved. // Information Contained Herein is Proprietary // and Confidential. // // Contents: API Header for the Library Construction Kit // // Notes: // //-------------------------------------------------------------------- +------- #ifndef PRO_EXT_INCLUDED #define PRO_EXT_INCLUDED #if defined(_MSC_VER) #pragma pack(push, 1) // Assume byte structure packing #endif #ifdef __cplusplus extern "C" { // Assume C declarations for C++ #endif #define MAC_API 0 // // Semi-portable way to deal with 'far' pointers // #ifndef FAR #if !defined(_WIN32) #define FAR #endif #endif // FAR // // Global Defines: // #ifndef GLOBAL_INCLUDED #if !defined(_MT) || !defined(_DLL) #error The /MD or /MDd compiler switch (Multithreaded Using DLL) i +s required. #endif // // Microsoft C for Windows // #pragma pack(push, pro_ext2) #include <windows.h> #pragma pack(pop, pro_ext2) #define _far #define __far // Fastcall calling convention #define FASTCALL _fastcall typedef unsigned MHANDLE; // A memory handle. typedef long NTI; // A name table index. typedef unsigned __int64 Ticks; // A timer tick count. #define TRUE 1 #define FALSE 0 #define YES 1 #define NO 0 typedef char TEXT; #undef MAX_PATH #define MAX_PATH 261 #define MAXFILENAME MAX_PATH /* longest pathname */ #endif // GLOBAL_INCLUDED typedef unsigned MHandle; // An api memory handle (equi +valent to MHANDLE) typedef unsigned long WHandle; // A Window Handle typedef long MENUID; // A Menu id. typedef long MenuId; // A Menu id. typedef long ITEMID; // An item id. typedef long ItemId; // An item id. typedef int FCHAN; // A file I/O channel. #define SCHEMEWIDTH 11 typedef char Scheme[SCHEMEWIDTH]; // A FoxPro color scheme #ifdef GLOBAL_INCLUDED #define WHANDLE WHandle #else typedef WHandle WHANDLE; // Users can use WHANDLE #endif // // FoxWindow Defines: // #ifndef FOXWIND_INCLUDED // _WOpen() flag values: #define WCURSOR (1<<1) /* Enable the cursor + */ #define ZOOM (1<<2) /* Permit the window to be z +oomed */ #define ADJ (1<<3) /* Allow Window Size to b +e Adjusted */ #define CLOSE (1<<4) /* Permit Closing of System + Window */ #define MOVE (1<<5) /* Allow the window to be mo +ved */ #define HSCROLLBAR (1<<6) /* Show Horizontal Scrollb +ars */ #define VSCROLLBAR (1<<7) /* Show Vertical Scrollbar +s */ #define AUTOSCROLL (1<<8) /* Window should Auto scro +ll */ #define WEVENT (1<<10) /* Participates in activate/ +deact events */ #define SHADOW (1<<11) /* Window will produce a sha +dow */ #define WMODAL (1<<12) /* Window is a modal window + */ #define WMINIMIZE (1<<13) /* Window can be minimized + */ #endif // FOXWIND_INCLUDED // // FoxEvent Defines: // #ifndef FOXEVENT_INCLUDED // _FindWindow() return values. #define inBorder 0 /* In the window border regi +on */ #define inHelp 1 /* In the Help region + */ #define inContent 2 /* In the content/text regi +on */ #define inDrag 3 /* In the Drag/Title bar r +egion */ #define inGrow 4 /* In the grow/resize regi +on */ #define inGoAway 5 /* In the goAway/close regio +n */ #define inZoom 6 /* In the zoom region + */ #define inVUpArrow 7 /* In the vertical up arro +w region */ #define inVDownArrow 8 /* In the vertical down arro +w region */ #define inVPageUp 9 /* In the vertical page up +region */ #define inVPageDown 10 /* In the vertical page d +own region */ #define inVThumb 11 /* In the vertical thumb reg +ion */ #define inHUpArrow 12 /* In the horizontal up ar +row region */ #define inHDownArrow 13 /* In the horizontal down ar +row region */ #define inHPageUp 14 /* In the horizontal page u +p region */ #define inHPageDown 15 /* In the horizontal page + down region */ #define inHThumb 16 /* In the horizontal thumb r +egion */ #define inMenuBar 17 /* In the menu bar + */ // EventRec.what values #define nullEvent 0 /* Null + */ #define activateEvent 1 /* Activate window + */ #define deactivateEvent 2 /* Deactivate window + */ #define showEvent 3 /* Show window + */ #define hideEvent 4 /* Hide window + */ #define updateEvent 5 /* Redraw window + */ #define sizeEvent 6 /* Size window event + */ #define moveEvent 7 /* Move window event + */ #define closeEvent 8 /* Close window + */ #define mouseDownEvent 9 /* Left mouse down + */ #define mouseUpEvent 10 /* Left mouse up + */ #define mMouseDownEvent 11 /* Middle mouse down event + */ #define mMouseUpEvent 12 /* Middle mouse up event + */ #define rMouseDownEvent 13 /* Right mouse down event + */ #define rMouseUpEvent 14 /* Right mouse up event + */ #define mouseMoveEvent 15 /* Mouse move event + */ #define mouseWheelEvent 16 /* Mouse wheel event + */ #define keyDownEvent 17 /* Key down + */ #define hotkeyEvent 18 /* An ON KEY LABEL was pre +ssed */ #define menuInitEvent 19 /* Menu initialization event + */ #define menuUpdateEvent 20 /* Menu update required. N +o longer used */ #define menuHitEvent 21 /* Menu hit + */ #define toolbarEvent 22 /* Toolbar button hit + */ #define alarmEvent 25 /* Alarm/Timer event + */ #define zoomEvent 999 /* Not supported in Windows/ +Mac */ // EventRec.modifiers defines #define charCodeMask 0x0fff /* Character code mask + */ #define shiftCodeMask 0xf000 /* Shift key mask + */ #define shiftKey 0x1000 /* Either shift key 1 +- down */ #define ctrlKey 0x2000 /* Control key +1 - down */ #define altKey 0x4000 /* Alternate key 1 - + down */ #define literalKey 0x8000 /* This key is interpreted + literally */ // EventRec.mbState code defines #define leftButton (1<<0) /* Left button status 1 + - down */ #define rightButton (1<<1) /* Right button status + 1 - down */ #define centerButton (1<<2) /* Center button status 1 - +down */ // EventRec.mcState code defines #define posChange (1<<0) /* Position change + 1 - change */ #define leftPressed (1<<1) /* Left button pressed + 1 - pressed */ #define leftReleased (1<<2) /* Left button released + 1 - released */ #define rightPressed (1<<3) /* Right button pressed + 1 - pressed */ #define rightReleased (1<<4) /* Right button released 1 + - released */ #define centerPressed (1<<5) /* Center button pressed 1 + - pressed */ #define centerReleased (1<<6) /* Center button released +1 - released */ #endif // FOXEVENT_INCLUDED // Flag values for _InKey() #define SHOWCURSOR (1<<0) #define HIDECURSOR (1<<1) #define MOUSEACTIVE (1<<2) // Flag values for the _ALen() function enum { AL_ELEMENTS, AL_SUBSCRIPT1, AL_SUBSCRIPT2 }; // FPFI is a 32 bit pointer to a function returning an int typedef long (FAR *FPFI)(); #ifndef GLOBAL_INCLUDED typedef struct { LONG h; LONG v; } FoxPoint; #define FoxRect RECT #endif // GLOBAL_INCLUDED #if defined(_WIN32) #define Point FoxPoint #define Rect FoxRect #endif #ifndef FOXMENU_INCLUDED // Menu structure type entry definitions used by _NewMenu() #define MPOPUP 1 /* Menu is a POPUP type men +u */ #define MPAD 2 /* Menu is a PAD type menu + */ #define MBAR 3 /* Menu is a BAR type menu + */ #endif // FOXMENU_INCLUDED // These are the API identifiers for the System Menu Constants. enum { _LASTITEM = -2, _FIRSTITEM, _SYSMENU, _SYSMSYSTEM, _SYSMFILE, _SYSMEDIT, _SYSMDATA, _SYSMRECORD, _SYSMPR +OG, _SYSMWINDOW, _SYSMVIEW, _SYSMTOOLS, _SYSMFORMAT, _SYSTEM, _SYSTEMABOUT, _SYSTEMHELP, _SYSTEMMACRO, _SYSTEMSEP100, _SYSTEMFIL +ER, _SYSTEMCALC, _SYSTEMDIARY, _SYSTEMSPECIAL, _SYSTEMASCII, _SYSTEMCAPTURE, _SYSTEMPUZZLE, _SYSTEMTECHSUPPORT, _SYSTEMOFFICE, +_SYSTEMSEP200, _SYSTEMSEP300, _SYSTEMHELPSRCH, _SYSTEMHELPHOWTO, _SYSTEMDBASE, _FILE, _FILENEW, _FILEOPEN, _FILECLOSE, _FILECLOSEALL, _FILESEP100, _FILE +SAVE, _FILESAVEAS, _FILEREVERT, _FILESEP200, _FILESETUP, _FILEPRINT, _FI +LEOSPRINT, _FILEPRINTONECOPY, _FILESEP300, _FILEQUIT, _FILEPRINTPREVIEW, _ +FILEPAGESETUP, _FILEIMPORT, _FILEEXPORT, _FILESEP400, _FILESEND, _EDIT, _EDITUNDO, _EDITREDO, _EDITSEP100, _EDITCUT, _EDITCOPY, _EDITPASTE +, _EDITCLEAR, _EDITSEP200, _EDITSELECTALL, _EDITSEP300, _EDITGOTO, _EDITFIND, _EDITFINDAGAIN, _EDITREPLACE, _EDITREPLACEALL, _EDITSEP +400, #if 0 _EDITBUILDEXPR, _EDITEXECUTEBLOCK, _EDITSEP600, #endif _EDITPREF, _DATA, _DATASETUP, _DATABROWSE, _DATASEP100, _DATAAPPEND, _DATACOPY, _DAT +ASORT, _DATATOTAL, _DATASEP200, _DATAAVERAGE, _DATACOUNT, _DATASUM, _DATA +CALCULATE, _DATAREPORT, _DATALABEL, _DATASEP300, _DATAPACK, _DATAREINDEX, _RECORD, _RECORDAPPEND, _RECORDCHANGE, _RECORDSEP100, _RECORDGOTO, _RECORDL +OCATE, _RECORDCONTINUE, _RECORDSEEK, _RECORDSEP200, _RECORDREPLACE, _RECO +RDDELETE, _RECORDRECALL, _PROG, _PROGDO, _PROGSEP100, _PROGCANCEL, _PROGRESUME, _PROGSEP200, _PROGCOMPILE, _PROGGENERATE, _PROGDOCUMENT, _PROGGRAPH, _PROGSUSPE +ND, _PROGFORMWIZARD, _WINDOW, _WINDOWHIDE, _WINDOWHIDEALL, _WINDOWSHOWALL, _WINDOWCLEAR, _WINDOW +SEP100, _WINDOWMOVE, _WINDOWSIZE, _WINDOWZOOM, _WINDOWMINMAX, _WINDOWROTAT +E, _WINDOWCOLOR, _WINDOWSEP200, _WINDOWCOMMAND, _WINDOWDEBUG, _WINDOW +TRACE, _WINDOWVIEW, _WINDOWARRANGEALL, _WINDOWTOOLBARS, _WINDOWLAYOUTS, _VIEW, _TOOLS, _TOOLSWIZARDS, _TOOLSFILLER1, _TOOLSFILLER2, _TOOLSFILLER3, _TOOLS +OPTIONS, _TOOLSDEBUGGER, _TOOLSTRACE, _TOOLSWATCH, _TOOLSLOCALS, _TOOLSDBGO +UT, _TOOLSSTACK, _TOOLSFILLER4, _REPORT, _LABEL, _BROWSE, _BROWSEMODE, _BROWSEGRID, _BROWSELINK, _BROWSECHPART, _BROWSEFILLER1, _BROWSEFONT, _BROWSESFIELD, _BROWSEMFIELD, _BROWSE +MPART, _BROWSEFILLER2, _BROWSEGOTO, _BROWSESEEK, _BROWSEDELREC, _BROWSEAP +PEND, _MACRO, _DIARY, _DAFILER, _SCREEN, _MBLDR, _MBLDRGLOBAL, _MBLDRMENUOPT, _MBLDRFILLER1, _MBLDRTRYIT, _MBLDRFIL +LER2, _MBLDRINSERT, _MBLDRDELETE, _MBLDRFILLER3, _MBLDRQUICK, _MBLDRGEN +ERATE, _PROJECT, _RQBE, _EDITPASTELINK, _EDITLINK, _EDITINSERTOBJ, _EDITCVTSTATIC, _EDITSEP500, _PROGSEP300, _TEXT, _WIZARDLIST, _WIZARDTABLE, _WIZARDQUERY, _WIZARDFORM, _WIZARDREPRT, _WIZARDLABE +L, _WIZARDMAIL, _WIZARDPIVOT, _WIZARDIMPORT, _WIZARDFOXDOC, _WIZARDSE +TUP, _WIZARDUPSIZING, _WIZARDALL, _TABLE, _TABLEPROPERTIES, _TABLEFILLER1, _TABLEGOTO, _TABLEAPPEND, _TABLEDELREC, _TABLEFILLER2, _TABLEDELETE, _TABLERECALL, _TABLESFI +ELD, _TABLEMFIELD, _TABLEMPART, _TABLEFILLER3, _TABLELINK, _TABLECHPART +, _TABLEFILLER4, _EDITOBJECT, _PROGBEAUT, _SYSTEMDOCUMENTATION, _SYSTEMSAMPLEAPPS, _MBLDRINSERTBAR, _EDITBEAUTIFY, _TOOLSBROWSER, _FOXCODE, _WEBMENU, _HELPWEBVFPFREESTUFF,_HELPWEBVFPHOMEPAGE, _HELPWEBVFPFAQ, _HELPWEBVFPONLINESUPPORT, _HELPWEBFILLER1, _HELPWEBDEVONLY, _HELPW +EBVFPSENDFEEDBACK, _HELPWEBDIRECTORY, _HELPWEBSEARCH, _HELPWEBTUTORIAL, _HELPWEBFILLER2, _HELPWEBMSFTHOM +EPAGE, // New for 6.0 (always add new ones to the end!) _WIZARDAPPLICATION, _WIZARDDATABASE, _WIZARDWEBPUBLISHING, _TOOLSGALLERY, _TOOLSCOVERAGE, _TOOLSRUNACTIVEDOC, _TOOLSOBJBROWSER, _TOOLSTASKLIST, _FILESAVEASHTML, _SYSTEMMSDNCONTENTS, _SYSTEMMSDNINDEX, _SYSTEMMSDNSEARCH, _HELPWEBMSDNONLINE, _HELPWEBVSPRODNEWS, _TOOLSDOCVIEW, _TOOLSBREAKPOINT, _EDIT_LISTMEMBERS, _EDIT_QUICKINFO, _EDIT_BOOKMARKS, _WINDOW_CASCADE, _WINDOW_DOCKABLE, _WINDOW_PROPERTIES, _BKMKTOGTASK, _BKMKTOGBKMK, _BKMKNEXT, _BKMKPREV, _SYSTEMVFPWEB, _WIZARDWEBSERVICES }; #define _BreakPoint() __asm \ { \ int 3h \ } // Alternate values for parmCount to modify how FoxPro treats the func +tion #define INTERNAL -1 /* Not callable from FoxPro + */ #define CALLONLOAD -2 /* Call when library is loaded + */ #define CALLONUNLOAD -3 /* Call when library is unloaded + */ // The FoxInfo structure contains the descriptions of the functions // contained in the library. typedef struct { char FAR * funcName; /* Function name (all caps) + */ FPFI function; /* Actual function address + */ short parmCount; /* # parameters specified or a flag + value */ char FAR * parmTypes; /* Parameter list description + */ } FoxInfo; typedef struct _FoxTable { struct _FoxTable FAR *nextLibrary; /* Linked list of libraries + */ short infoCount; /* # of functions in this library + */ FoxInfo FAR *infoPtr; /* Function list + */ } FoxTable; typedef LARGE_INTEGER CCY; // An expression's value typedef struct { char ev_type; char ev_padding; short ev_width; unsigned ev_length; long ev_long; double ev_real; CCY ev_currency; MHandle ev_handle; unsigned long ev_object; } Value; // A reference to a database or memory variable typedef struct { char l_type; short l_where, /* Database number or -1 for memory + */ l_NTI, /* Variable name table offset + */ l_offset, /* Index into database + */ l_subs, /* # subscripts specified 0 <= x <= + 2 */ l_sub1, l_sub2; /* subscript integral values + */ } Locator; // A parameter to a library function. #ifndef __Parameter_FWD_DEFINED__ #define FoxParameter Parameter #endif typedef union { Value val; Locator loc; /* An 'R' in l_type means the Locat +or */ /* part of this union is in use. + */ } FoxParameter; // A paramter list to a library function. typedef struct { short pCount; /* Number of Parameters PASSED. + */ FoxParameter p[1]; /* pCount Parameters. + */ } ParamBlk; HANDLE _GetAPIHandle(void); typedef long EDPOS; /* Editor text offset + */ typedef long EDLINE; /* Editor line number + */ #define MAXFONTNAME 64 /* Max length of a font name + */ #ifndef EDITOR_INCLUDED #define EDCOMMAND 0 #define EDSCRIP EDCOMMAND #define EDPROGRAM 1 #define EDFILE 2 #define EDMEMO 3 #define EDQUERY 6 #define EDSCREEN 7 #define EDMENU 8 #define EDVIEW 9 #define EDSNIP 10 #define EDTEXT 11 #define EDPROC 12 #define EDPROJTEXT 13 #define RO_BYFILE (0x01) /* readOnly bits + */ #define RO_BYUSER (0x02) #define RO_BYRECORD (0x04) #endif // EDITOR_INCLUDED // An editor's environment. typedef struct{ char filename[MAXFILENAME]; EDPOS length; /* #bytes in text + */ unsigned short lenLimit; /* Max allowable length. 0 = in +finite. */ unsigned short dirty, /* Has the file been changed? + */ autoIndent, /* Auto indent? + */ backup, /* Make backup files? + */ addLineFeeds, /* add line feeds when saving? + */ autoCompile, /* Shall we auto compile this thin +g? */ addCtrlZ, /* add end of file ctrl-z? + */ savePrefs, /* save edit preferences? + */ dragAndDrop, /* Allow drag-and-drop + */ readOnly, /* RO_BYFILE, RO_BYUSER, RO_BYREC +ORD */ syntaxColor, /* Syntax coloring in effect for t +his file? */ status, /* display status bar? + */ lockPrefs, /* Can update the preferences ? + */ insertMode; short wrap; /* if <0, new line at Return onl +y */ EDPOS selStart; /* Selection start + */ EDPOS selEnd; /* Selection end + */ EDPOS selAnchor; /* Selection anchor point + */ short justMode; /* Justification + */ short tabWidth; /* TAB size in spaces + */ char fontName[MAXFONTNAME]; short fontSize; short fontStyle; short kind; /* Kind of editor session + */ } EDENV; // Event record definitions typedef struct { unsigned short what; /* Event code + */ Ticks when; /* Ticks since startup + */ FoxPoint where; /* Mouse location + */ unsigned long message; /* Key/window + */ unsigned long misc; /* Event dependant misc info + */ unsigned long misc2; /* Event dependant misc inf +o */ unsigned char mbState; /* Mouse buttons state + */ unsigned char mcState; /* Mouse cond activate state + */ unsigned long modifiers; } EventRec; // Flags for the _DBStatus function #define DB_BOF 1 /* BOF() + */ #define DB_EOF 2 /* EOF() + */ #define DB_RLOCKED 4 /* Current record is RLOCKed + */ #define DB_FLOCKED 8 /* Database is FLOCKed + */ #define DB_EXCLUSIVE 16 /* Database is open EXCLUSIVEly + */ #define DB_READONLY 32 /* Database is READONLY + */ // Flag values for _DBLock() #define DBL_RECORD 0 #define DBL_FILE 1 // Flag values for the _NewVar function #define NV_PUBLIC 0 #define NV_PRIVATE 1 // Mode flag values for the __FIO function #define FIO_FGETS 0 #define FIO_FREAD 1 #define FIO_FPUTS 2 #define FIO_FWRITE 3 // Mode flag values for the _FOpen function #define FO_READONLY 0 #define FO_WRITEONLY 1 #define FO_READWRITE 2 // Mode flag values for the _FCreate function #define FC_NORMAL 0 #define FC_READONLY 1 #define FC_HIDDEN 2 #define FC_SYSTEM 4 #define FC_TEMPORARY 128 // Mode flag values for the _FSeek function #define FS_FROMBOF 0 /* From beginning of file */ #define FS_RELATIVE 1 /* From current position */ #define FS_FROMEOF 2 /* From end of file +*/ // Mode flag values for the __WStat function #define WS_TOP 0 #define WS_BOTTOM 1 #define WS_LEFT 2 #define WS_RIGHT 3 #define WS_HEIGHT 4 #define WS_WIDTH 5 #define WS_SETPORT 7 // Mode flag values for the __WControl function #define WC_CLEAR 0 #define WC_CLOSE 1 #define WC_HIDE 2 #define WC_SHOW 3 #define WC_SELECT 4 #define WC_SENDBEHIND 5 // Mode flag values for the __WAdjust function #define WA_MOVE 0 #define WA_SIZE 1 #define WA_POSCURSOR 2 // Mode flag value for the __WPort function #define WP_ONTOP 0 #define WP_OUTPUT 1 // Mode flag value for the _WZoom function #define WZ_MAXIMIZED 0 #define WZ_NORMAL 1 #define WZ_MINIMIZED 2 // Border strings for typical window borders. #define WO_DOUBLEBOX "\x0cd\x0cd\x0ba\x0ba\x0c9\x0bb\x0c8\x0bc\x0cd +\x0cd\x0ba\x0ba\x0c9\x0bb\x0c8\x0bc" #define WO_SINGLEBOX "\x0c4\x0c4\x0b3\x0b3\x0da\x0bf\x0c0\x0d9\x0c4 +\x0c4\x0b3\x0b3\x0da\x0bf\x0c0\x0d9" #define WO_PANELBORDER "\x0db\x0db\x0db\x0db\x0db\x0db\x0db\x0db\x0 +db\x0db\x0db\x0db\x0db\x0db\x0db\x0db" #define WO_SYSTEMBORDER "\x020\x020\x020\x020\x0fe\x0f0\x020\x0f9\x020 +\x020\x020\x020\x020\x020\x020\x020" #ifndef FOXWIND_INCLUDED // Border string offsets. #define selectBorder 0 #define deselectBorder 8 #define topEdge 0 #define bottomEdge 1 #define leftEdge 2 #define rightEdge 3 #define topLeftCorner 4 #define topRightCorner 5 #define bottomLeftCorner 6 #define bottomRightCorner 7 #define maxBorderLen 17 /* Border string length (maximum) + */ #endif // FOXWIND_INCLUDED #ifndef COLORS_INCLUDED #define BLACK_ON 0x00 /* Foreground color attributes * +/ #define BLUE_ON 0x01 #define GREEN_ON 0x02 #define CYAN_ON 0x03 #define RED_ON 0x04 #define MAGENTA_ON 0x05 #define BROWN_ON 0x06 #define WHITE_ON 0x07 #define BLACK (BLACK_ON << 4) /* Background color attributes. + */ #define BLUE (BLUE_ON << 4) #define GREEN (GREEN_ON << 4) #define CYAN (CYAN_ON << 4) #define RED (RED_ON << 4) #define MAGENTA (MAGENTA_ON << 4) #define BROWN (BROWN_ON << 4) #define WHITE (WHITE_ON << 4) #define BRIGHT 0x08 /* Intensify foreground color + */ #define BLINK 0x80 /* Blink this */ // The following values are used in the WA_ISSHADOW column of the // schemes to indicate whether the window casts a shadow. #define CASTSSHADOW (BRIGHT | BLACK_ON | BLACK) #define CASTSNOSHADOW (BRIGHT | WHITE_ON | WHITE | BLINK) // Color scheme numbers for use by _WOpen and others enum { USER_SCHEME, USERMENU_SCHEME, MBAR_SCHEME, POPUP_SCHEME, DIALOG_SCHEME, MODAL_POPUP_SCHEME, ALERT_SCHEME, WINDOW_SCHEME, NONMODAL_POPUP_SCHEME, BROWSE_SCHEME, REPORT_SCHEME, ALERT_POPUP_SCHEME }; // Color index numbers used by _WSetAttr() and _WAttr() enum { WA_PENCOLOR = -1, /* CURRENT PEN COLOR + */ WA_NORMAL, /* normal text + */ WA_ENHANCED, /* enhanced text + */ WA_BORDER, /* window border + */ WA_FOREMOST, /* title when foremost + */ WA_TITLE, /* title otherwise + */ WA_SELECTED, /* selected text + */ WA_HOTKEY, /* control hotkeys + */ WA_SHADOW, /* color of shadows that fall on this window +. */ WA_ENABLED, /* enabled control + */ WA_DISABLED, /* disabled control + */ WA_ISSHADOW /* window casts a shad + */ }; #endif // COLORS_INCLUDED // // Prototypes for the API Functions // // Streaming output routines: void FASTCALL _PutChr(int character); void FASTCALL _PutStr(char FAR *string); void FASTCALL _PutValue(Value FAR *val); // Memory management functions: MHandle FASTCALL _AllocHand(ULONG size); void FASTCALL _FreeHand(MHandle h); void FAR * FASTCALL _HandToPtr(MHandle h); void FASTCALL _HLock(MHandle h); void FASTCALL _HUnLock(MHandle h); ULONG FASTCALL _GetHandSize(MHandle h); USHORT FASTCALL _SetHandSize(MHandle h, ULONG size); BOOL FASTCALL _MemAvail(ULONG bytes); // String handling functions: int FASTCALL _StrLen(char FAR *string); void FASTCALL _StrCpy(char FAR *dest, char FAR *src); int FASTCALL _StrCmp(char FAR *string1, char FAR *string2); // Memory management functions: #if _MSC_VER #define _Alloca(size) _alloca(size) #define _MemCmp(dest, src, length) memcmp(dest, src, length) #define _MemMove(dest, src, length) memmove(dest, src, length) #define _MemFill(ptr, c, length) memset(ptr, c, length) #endif // Functions to set the return value of a library functiion: void FASTCALL _RetVal(Value FAR *val); void FASTCALL _RetChar(char FAR *string); void FASTCALL _RetInt(long ival, int width); void FASTCALL _RetFloat(double flt, int width, int dec); void FASTCALL _RetDateStr(char FAR *string); void FASTCALL _RetDateTimeStr(char FAR *string); void FASTCALL _RetLogical(int); void FASTCALL _RetCurrency(CCY money,int width); // Database Input/Output functions: long FASTCALL _DBRecNo(int workarea); long FASTCALL _DBRecCount(int workarea); int FASTCALL _DBStatus(int workarea); int FASTCALL _DBRead(int workarea, long record); int FASTCALL _DBWrite(int workarea); int FASTCALL _DBAppend(int workarea, int carryflag); long FASTCALL _DBRewind(int workarea); long FASTCALL _DBSkip(int workarea, long distance); long FASTCALL _DBUnwind(int workarea); int FASTCALL _DBReplace(Locator FAR *fld, Value FAR *val); long FASTCALL _DBSeek(Value FAR *val); int FASTCALL _DBLock(int workarea, int what); void FASTCALL _DBUnLock(int workarea); int FASTCALL _DBAppendRecords(int workarea, unsigned short nrecs, cha +r FAR *buffer); // Memo Field Input/Output functions: FCHAN FASTCALL _MemoChan(int workarea); long FASTCALL _AllocMemo(Locator FAR *fld, long size); long FASTCALL _FindMemo(Locator FAR *fld); long FASTCALL _MemoSize(Locator FAR *fld); // Memory variable manipulation functions: NTI FASTCALL _NewVar(char FAR *name, Locator FAR *loc, int flag); int FASTCALL _Release(NTI nti); int FASTCALL _Store(Locator FAR *loc, Value FAR *val); int FASTCALL _Load(Locator FAR *loc, Value FAR *val); long FASTCALL _ALen(NTI nti, int mode); int FASTCALL _FindVar(NTI nti, int where, Locator FAR *loc); NTI FASTCALL _NameTableIndex(char FAR *name); // File Input/Output: FCHAN FASTCALL __FOpen(char FAR *filename, int mode, int create); #define _FOpen(filename, mode) __FOpen(filename, mode, NO) #define _FCreate(filename, mode) __FOpen(filename, mode, YES) int FASTCALL __FFlush(FCHAN chan, int close); #define _FFlush(chan) __FFlush(chan, NO) #define _FClose(chan) __FFlush(chan, YES) int FASTCALL __FStat(FCHAN chan, int error); #define _FEOF(chan) __FStat(chan, NO) #define _FError() __FStat(0, YES) unsigned int FASTCALL __FIO(FCHAN chan, char FAR *buffer, unsigned int + maxlen, int mode); #define _FGets(chan, buffer, maxlen) __FIO(chan, buffer, maxlen, FI +O_FGETS) #define _FRead(chan, buffer, maxlen) __FIO(chan, buffer, maxlen, FI +O_FREAD) #define _FPuts(chan, buffer) __FIO(chan, buffer, 0, +FIO_FPUTS) #define _FWrite(chan, buffer, maxlen) __FIO(chan, buffer, maxlen, F +IO_FWRITE) long FASTCALL _FSeek(FCHAN chan, long position, int mode); int FASTCALL _FCHSize(FCHAN chan, long length); int FASTCALL _FCopy(FCHAN dchan, long dpos, FCHAN schan, long s +pos, long len); // User Interface routines: #define PIXELMODE 0 #define CHARMODE 1 unsigned FASTCALL __ActivateHandler(FPFI handler, short charmode); #define _ActivateHandler(handler) __ActivateHandler(handler, CH +ARMODE) #define _ActivateHandlerP(handler) __ActivateHandler(handler, P +IXELMODE) void FASTCALL _DeActivateHandler(unsigned); unsigned FASTCALL __ActivateIdle(FPFI handler, short charmode); #define _ActivateIdle(handler) __ActivateIdle(handler, CHA +RMODE) #define _ActivateIdleP(handler) __ActivateIdle(handler, PIXELM +ODE) void FASTCALL _DeActivateIdle(unsigned); int FASTCALL __GetNextEvent(EventRec FAR *event, short charmode +); #define _GetNextEvent(event) __GetNextEvent(event, CHARMODE +) #define _GetNextEventP(event) __GetNextEvent(event, PIXELMO +DE) void FASTCALL __DefaultProcess(EventRec FAR *event, short charmode) +; #define _DefaultProcess(event) __DefaultProcess(event, CHAR +MODE) #define _DefaultProcessP(event) __DefaultProcess(event, +PIXELMODE) #define _MousePos(pt) __MousePos(pt, CHARMODE) #define _MousePosP(pt) __MousePos(pt, PIXELMODE) int FASTCALL __MousePos(Point FAR *pt, int charmode); // Windowing routines: int FASTCALL __FindWindow(WHANDLE FAR *wh, Point pt, int charmo +de); void FASTCALL __GlobalToLocal(Point FAR *pt, WHANDLE wh, int charmo +de); WHANDLE FASTCALL __WOpen(int top, int left, int bottom, int right, int + flag, int scheme_num, Scheme FAR *scheme, char FAR *bord, int pix +elmode); #define _WOpenP(top, left, bottom, right, flag, scheme_num, scheme, bo +rd) __WOpen(top, left, bottom, right, flag, scheme_num, scheme, bord, + PIXELMODE) #define _WOpen(top, left, bottom, right, flag, scheme_num, scheme, bor +d) __WOpen(top, left, bottom, right, flag, scheme_num, scheme, bord, +CHARMODE) #define _GlobalToLocal(pt, wh) __GlobalToLocal(pt, wh, CHARMODE +) #define _GlobalToLocalP(pt, wh) __GlobalToLocal(pt, wh, PIXELMO +DE) #define _FindWindow(wh, pt) __FindWindow(wh, pt, CHARMODE) #define _FindWindowP(wh, pt) __FindWindow(wh, pt, PIXELMODE) #define _WTop(wh) ((unsigned)__WStat(wh, WS_TOP, CHARMODE)) #define _WBottom(wh) ((unsigned)__WStat(wh, WS_BOTTOM, CHARMODE)) #define _WLeft(wh) ((unsigned)__WStat(wh, WS_LEFT, CHARMODE)) #define _WRight(wh) ((unsigned)__WStat(wh, WS_RIGHT, CHARMODE)) #define _WHeight(wh) ((unsigned)__WStat(wh, WS_HEIGHT, CHARMODE)) #define _WWidth(wh) ((unsigned)__WStat(wh, WS_WIDTH, CHARMODE)) #define _WSetPort(wh) ((WHANDLE)__WStat(wh, WS_SETPORT, CHARMODE)) #define _WTopP(wh) ((unsigned)__WStat(wh, WS_TOP, PIXELMODE)) #define _WBottomP(wh) ((unsigned)__WStat(wh, WS_BOTTOM, PIXELMODE)) #define _WLeftP(wh) ((unsigned)__WStat(wh, WS_LEFT, PIXELMODE)) #define _WRightP(wh) ((unsigned)__WStat(wh, WS_RIGHT, PIXELMODE)) #define _WHeightP(wh) ((unsigned)__WStat(wh, WS_HEIGHT, PIXELMODE)) #define _WWidthP(wh) ((unsigned)__WStat(wh, WS_WIDTH, PIXELMODE)) unsigned long FASTCALL __WStat(WHANDLE wh, int mode, int pixelmode); #define _WMove(wh, pt) __WAdjust(wh, pt, WA_MOVE, CHARMODE) #define _WSize(wh, pt) __WAdjust(wh, pt, WA_SIZE, CHARMODE) #define _WPosCursor(wh, pt) __WAdjust(wh, pt, WA_POSCURSOR, CHA +RMODE) #define _WMoveP(wh, pt) __WAdjust(wh, pt, WA_MOVE, PIXELMOD +E) #define _WSizeP(wh, pt) __WAdjust(wh, pt, WA_SIZE, PIXELMOD +E) #define _WPosCursorP(wh, pt) __WAdjust(wh, pt, WA_POSCURSOR, PIXELM +ODE) void FASTCALL __WAdjust(WHANDLE wh, Point pt, int mode, int charmod +e); void FASTCALL __WScroll(WHANDLE wh, Rect r, int dv, int dh, int cha +rmode); #define _WScroll(wh, r, dv, dh) __WScroll(wh, r, dv, dh, CHA +RMODE) #define _WScrollP(wh, r, dv, dh) __WScroll(wh, r, dv, dh, PIXELM +ODE) #define _WClearRect(wh, r) __WScroll(wh, r, 0, 0, CHARMODE) +; #define _WClearRectP(wh, r) __WScroll(wh, r, 0, 0, PIXELMOD +E); #define _WGetCursor(wh) __WGetCursor(wh, CHARMODE) #define _WGetCursorP(wh) __WGetCursor(wh, PIXELMODE) Point FASTCALL __WGetCursor(WHANDLE wh, int); void FASTCALL __SetMenuPoint(MenuId menuid, FoxPoint loc, int charm +ode); #define _SetMenuPoint(menuid, loc) __SetMenuPoint(menuid, loc, +CHARMODE) #define _SetMenuPointP(menuid, loc) __SetMenuPoint(menuid, loc, + PIXELMODE) int FASTCALL _InKey(int timeout, int flag); void FASTCALL _RefreshDisplay(void); void FASTCALL _RefreshVideo(void); #define _WClear(wh) __WControl(wh, WC_CLEAR) #define _WClose(wh) __WControl(wh, WC_CLOSE) #define _WHide(wh) __WControl(wh, WC_HIDE) #define _WShow(wh) __WControl(wh, WC_SHOW) #define _WSelect(wh) __WControl(wh, WC_SELECT) #define _WSendBehind(w) __WControl(w, WC_SENDBEHIND) void FASTCALL __WControl(WHANDLE wh, int mode); #define _WOnTop() __WPort(WP_ONTOP) #define _WGetPort() __WPort(WP_OUTPUT) WHandle FASTCALL __WPort(int mode); void FASTCALL _WZoom(WHANDLE wh, int newstate); void FASTCALL __WSetTitle(WHANDLE wh, char FAR *text, int mode); #define WT_SETFOOTER 0 #define WT_SETTITLE 1 #define WT_GETFOOTER 2 #define WT_GETTITLE 3 #define _WSetFooter(wh, footer) __WSetTitle(wh, footer, WT_SETFOOTER) #define _WSetTitle(wh, title) __WSetTitle(wh, title, WT_SETTITLE) #define _WFooter(wh, footer) __WSetTitle(wh, footer, WT_GETFOOTER) #define _WTitle(wh, title) __WSetTitle(wh, title, WT_GETTITLE) int FASTCALL _WAttr(WHANDLE wh, int color); void FASTCALL _WSetAttr(WHANDLE wh, int color, int attr); void FASTCALL _WPutChr(WHANDLE wh, int character); void FASTCALL _WPutStr(WHANDLE wh, char FAR *str); // Functions to execute FoxPro statements and evaluate FoxPro expressi +ons: int FASTCALL _Execute(char FAR *stmt); int FASTCALL _Evaluate(Value FAR *val, char FAR *expr); // Menuing functions: ITEMID FASTCALL __MenuStat(long x, int mode); #define _MenuId(literal) __MenuStat(literal, 0) #define _GetNewItemId(menuid) __MenuStat(menuid, 1) #define _CountItems(menuid) __MenuStat(menuid, 2) #define _GetNewMenuId() __MenuStat(0, 3) int FASTCALL _MenuInteract(MenuId FAR *menuid, ItemId FAR *item +id); void FASTCALL __MenuAction(MenuId menuid, int mode); #define _ActivateMenu(menuid) __MenuAction(menuid, 0) #define _DeActivateMenu(menuid) __MenuAction(menuid, 1) #ifndef GLOBAL_INCLUDED #define _DisposeMenu(menuid) __MenuAction(menuid, 2) #endif int FASTCALL _NewMenu(int mtype, MenuId menuid); void FASTCALL _SetMenuColor(MenuId menuid, int scheme); ItemId FASTCALL _GetItemId(MenuId menuid, long index); int FASTCALL _NewItem(MenuId menuid, ItemId itemid, ItemId befo +reid, char FAR *prompt); void FASTCALL _DisposeItem(MenuId menuid, ItemId itemid); void FASTCALL __GetItemText(MenuId menuid, ItemId itemid, char FAR +*text, int mode); #define _GetItemText(menuid, itemid, text) __GetItemText(menuid, itemi +d, text, 0) #define _GetOSPrompt(menuid, itemid, text) __GetItemText(menuid, itemi +d, text, 1) void FASTCALL _SetItemSubMenu(MenuId menuid, ItemId itemid, MenuId +submenuid); MenuId FASTCALL _GetItemSubMenu(MenuId menuid, ItemId itemid); void FASTCALL _SetItemColor(MenuId menuid, ItemId itemid, int schem +e); void FASTCALL _SetItemText(MenuId menuid, ItemId itemid, char FAR * +text); int FASTCALL _GetItemCmdKey(MenuId menuid, ItemId itemid, char +FAR *text); void FASTCALL _SetItemCmdKey(MenuId menuid, ItemId itemid, int key, + char FAR *text); void FASTCALL _OnSelection(MenuId menuid, ItemId itemid, FPFI routi +ne); // FoxPro Dialogs: int FASTCALL _Dialog(int scheme, char FAR *text, char FAR *butt +on1, char FAR *button2, char FAR *button3, int def, int esc +); // Error Handling: void FASTCALL _Error(int code); void FASTCALL _UserError(char FAR *message); int FASTCALL _ErrorInfo(int code, char FAR *message); #define ED_SAVENOASK 0 #define ED_SAVEASK 1 #define ED_SAVEAS 2 // // Mode flags for the editor functions: // /* Mode flag values for the __EdPos function */ #define ED_SETPOS 0 #define ED_GETLINEPOS 1 #define ED_GETLINENUM 2 #define ED_GETPOS 3 /* Mode flag values for the __EdScroll function */ #define ED_SCROLLTOPOS 0 #define ED_SCROLLTOSEL 1 /* Mode flag values for the __EdManip function */ #define ED_SENDKEY 0 #define ED_DELETE 1 #define ED_INDENT 2 #define ED_COMMENT 3 #define ED_PROPERTIES 4 #define ED_PROCLIST 5 /* Mode flag values for the __EdClipBrd function */ #define ED_COPY 0 #define ED_CUT 1 #define ED_PASTE 2 #define ED_UNDO 3 #define ED_REDO 4 /* Mode flag values for the __EdEnv function */ #define ED_SETENV 0 #define ED_GETENV 1 /* Mode flag values for the __EdRevert function */ #define ED_REVERT 0 #define ED_SAVE 1 /* Mode flag values for the __WFindTitle function */ #define WFINDTITLE 0 #define WMAINWINDOW 1 #define WFUNCTIONMASK 0x0f #define WCLIENTFLAG 0x10 // Editor Functions: WHandle FASTCALL _EdOpenFile(char FAR *filename, int mode); int FASTCALL _EdCloseFile(WHandle wh, int opt); void FASTCALL __EdRevert(WHandle wh, int mode); #define _EdRevert(wh) __EdRevert(wh, ED_REVERT) #define _EdSave(wh) __EdRevert(wh, ED_SAVE) #define _EdSetPos(wh, pos) (__EdPos(wh, (EDPOS) pos, ED_SET +POS)) #define _EdGetLinePos(wh, line) ((EDPOS)__EdPos(wh, (EDLINE) li +ne, ED_GETLINEPOS)) #define _EdGetLineNum(wh, pos) ((EDLINE)__EdPos(wh, (EDPOS) pos +, ED_GETLINENUM)) #define _EdGetPos(wh) ((EDPOS)__EdPos(wh, 0, ED_GETPOS) +) EDPOS FASTCALL __EdPos(WHandle wh, long pos, int mode); int FASTCALL _EdPosInView(WHandle wh, EDPOS pos); #define _EdScrollToPos(wh, pos, flag) (__EdScroll(wh, pos, flag, ED +_SCROLLTOPOS)) #define _EdScrollToSel(wh, flag) (__EdScroll(wh, 0, flag, ED_SC +ROLLTOSEL)) void FASTCALL __EdScroll(WHandle wh, EDPOS pos, int flags, int mode +); #define _EdSendKey(wh, key) __EdManip(wh, key, ED_SENDKEY) #define _EdDelete(wh) __EdManip(wh, 0, ED_DELETE) #define _EdIndent(wh, tabs) __EdManip(wh, tabs, ED_INDENT) #define _EdComment(wh, tabs) __EdManip(wh, tabs, ED_COMMENT) #define _EdProperties(wh) __EdManip(wh, 0, ED_PROPERTIES) #define _EdProcList(wh) __EdManip(wh, 0, ED_PROCLIST) void FASTCALL __EdManip(WHandle wh, int n, int mode); EDPOS FASTCALL _EdSkipLines(WHandle wh, EDPOS pos, int n); void FASTCALL _EdInsert(WHandle wh, char FAR *str, unsigned long l +en); TEXT FASTCALL _EdGetChar(WHandle wh, EDPOS pos); void FASTCALL _EdGetStr(WHandle wh, EDPOS pos1, EDPOS pos2, TEXT FA +R *str); #define _EdCopy(wh) __EdClipBrd(wh, ED_COPY) #define _EdCut(wh) __EdClipBrd(wh, ED_CUT) #define _EdPaste(wh) __EdClipBrd(wh, ED_PASTE) #define _EdUndo(wh) __EdClipBrd(wh, ED_UNDO) #define _EdRedo(wh) __EdClipBrd(wh, ED_REDO) void FASTCALL __EdClipBrd(WHandle wh, int mode); void FASTCALL _EdSelect(WHandle wh, EDPOS pos1, EDPOS pos2); void FASTCALL _EdUndoOn(WHandle wh, int flag); void FASTCALL _EdActive(WHandle wh, int flag); int FASTCALL _EdLastError(WHandle wh); #define _EdSetEnv(wh, env) __EdEnv(wh, env, ED_SETENV) #define _EdGetEnv(wh, env) __EdEnv(wh, env, ED_GETENV) #define _WFindTitle(title) __WFindTitle(title, WFINDTITLE) #define _WFindClientTitle(title) __WFindTitle(title, WFINDTITLE | W +CLIENTFLAG) #define _WMainWindow() __WFindTitle(0, WMAINWINDOW) #define _WMainClientWindow() __WFindTitle(0, WMAINWINDOW | WCLI +ENTFLAG) int FASTCALL __EdEnv(WHandle, EDENV FAR *, int); HWND FASTCALL _WhToHwnd(WHandle); WHandle FASTCALL __WFindTitle(char FAR *, int); // Object model extensions #define _WGetObjectClientWindow(objct) __WGetObjectWindow(objct, WC +LIENTFLAG) #define _WGetObjectWindow(objct) __WGetObjectWindow(objct, 0) WHandle FASTCALL __WGetObjectWindow(Value FAR *, int); int FASTCALL _SetObjectProperty(Value FAR *objct, char FAR *prop, V +alue FAR *val, int fadd); int FASTCALL _GetObjectProperty(Value FAR *val, Value FAR *objct, c +har FAR *prop); int FASTCALL _ObjectReference(Value FAR *objct); int FASTCALL _ObjectRelease(Value FAR *objct); int FASTCALL _ObjectCmp(Value FAR *objct1, Value FAR *objct2); void FASTCALL _FreeObject(Value FAR *objct); //_OCXAPI will allow developers of OCXs to use the LCK // Sample call: _OCXAPI(AfxGetInstanceHandle(),DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH); BOOL WINAPI _OCXAPI(HINSTANCE hInstance,DWORD dwReason); #ifdef GLOBAL_INCLUDED #undef WHANDLE #endif #ifdef __cplusplus } // End of extern "C" { #endif #if defined(_MSC_VER) #pragma pack(pop) // Restore structure packing #endif #endif // PRO_EXT_INCLUDED



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Re^2: Perl as a test tool for Foxpro apps?
by talwyn (Monk) on Aug 17, 2005 at 16:40 UTC
    hi planetscape.

    I read that document and attempted to use the api for VFP8, it would not ,however, compile; it was complaining about unresolved symbols in the linker.

    It was suggested that this was because of definitions and that I needed windef.h... which i tried but it (windef.h) is full of syntax errors (Is this header not maintained anymore?

    Do you have any experience setting up the compiler/linker to use the api? The examples in the sample directory are for use by foxpro apps to call external services... not *quite* what I wanted.


      Alas, I have automated Word, Acess, Excel (and probably a few others), but never VFP. I have been doing a little digging and find very little information on automating VFP; there's tons of stuff if you go the other direction and use VFP to automate something else.

      That doesn't do you any good, however.

      I've debugged a few header files; where I start is Google Groups with a copy of the error message(s) in hand.

      Hentzenwerke is probably the leading authority on things FoxPro. Many of their books are available in electronic editions available for immediate download. Even though it's a version "behind", you might find Hacker's Guide to Visual FoxPro 7.0 useful; it appears to have several pages at least on using VFP as an automation server. (My hardcopy is for VFP 6.0 and maybe worthless for your purposes, but let me know if you want me to look at something for you.)

      If I find anything else, I'll be sure to let you know. If you like, you could always /msg me your e-mail address, and we could, for example, compare header files or whatnot without sucking on the Monastery's bandwidth.



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