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Re: Extracting keywords from HTML

by wfsp (Abbot)
on Sep 13, 2005 at 09:50 UTC ( #491530=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Extracting keywords from HTML

This is what I ended up with and am using (incorporating fizbin's points).

I've changed the definition of a word.

  • Hyphenated words are now separated and treated separately
  • Accented words are now ascii-ised
The other difference is that HTML entities are decoded while extracting text from the HTML.
All the text (apart from curly punctuation) is Latin 1.

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use locale; my $config = { stop => 'data/stop.txt', minw => 3, maxw => 20, }; my $words = q( and cat's O'Rielly counter-productive crche 2000 1980s 777777 x0000 repeat repeat repeat ); my %keywords = get_word(lc $words); for (keys %keywords){ print "$_\n"; } sub get_word{ my ($text) = @_; my ($min, $max) = ($config->{minw}, $config->{maxw}); my %stop = get_stop($config->{stop}); my %acc = get_accent(); my %pat = get_patterns(); my %keywords; for ($text){ s/$pat{rsqu}/'/g; s/$pat{hyph}/ /g; s/(.)/$acc{$1}?$acc{$1}:$1/eg; } my @words = ($text =~ /$pat{word}/g); my %seen; for (@words){ s/$pat{posv}//; s/$pat{apos}//g; next if length() < $min or length() > $max; next if /$pat{numb}/ and not /$pat{date}/; s/$pat{tail}// if /$pat{numb}/; next if exists $stop{$_}; unless ($seen{$_}){ $seen{$_}++; $keywords{$_} = undef; } } return %keywords; } sub get_patterns{ my %pat = ( posv => q/'s$/, # possessive s apos => qr/'/, # apostrophe hyph => qr/-/, # hyphen numb => qr/\d/, # number date => qr/^[12]\d{3}s?$/, # date like 1960, 1990s rsqu => qr/\x{2019}/, # right single quote tail => qr/s$/, # trailing s for stripping off numbers word => qr/([\w']+)/, # word that may contain apostrophe ); return %pat; } sub get_accent{ return qw( A A A A A A AE C E E E E I I I I TH N O O O O O O U U U U U TH ss a a a a a a ae c e e e e i i i i th n o o o o o o u u u u y th y ); } sub get_stop { # load stop word file # sample my %stop = ( and => undef, the => undef, any => undef, ); return %stop; }

---------- Capture Output ---------- > "C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe" 1980 orielly productive creche cat counter 2000 repeat > Terminated with exit code 0.

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