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Hi all,

I've been reading 'The Book' and checking through past questions but think I must be misunderstanding something.

I've created a 2 dimensional array from a tab delimited file that has approx' 12 columns and around 12K lines. That bit works and by using Data::Dumper I can see all the data and know it's fine. I now want to take a slice through one column and all rows to sort on. Adapting the example from p272 of the camel book(3rd edition)  @part = @{ $AoA[4] } [7..12 ] I'm getting one line and all of it at that !. I know the problem is in specifying the range but can't quite see it. Could any of you open a new window onto this for me ?

Many thanks

Code as it stands so far is :

use strict; use Data::Dumper; my $filename = "Library.txt"; my @sortarr; my @sortslice; open (INPUT, $filename); my @array = <INPUT>; foreach my $array (@array) { push @sortarr, [ split(/\t/, $array) ]; } @sortslice = @{$sortarr[0..10]} [3]; print "@sortslice\n";