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Re: Using Perl to create a PowerPoint presentation

by sauoq (Abbot)
on Oct 01, 2005 at 17:45 UTC ( #496664=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Using Perl to create a PowerPoint presentation

I need to build some sort of slideshow (preferably a PowerPoint presentation) which on each slide a picture (resizzed and all) and a little text (one line max).

Uhm... so, why is it you want to use Perl for this?

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Re^2: Using Perl to create a PowerPoint presentation
by watcher@LBK (Initiate) on Oct 01, 2005 at 18:32 UTC
    well I had to do a same sort of thing a year ago in powerpoint by hand (there are about 150 pictures which need to be put into this) and it took me a lot of work. I was hoping I could somehow automate this with perl (as it will come back every few months from now on)
      Try to batch-convert all of your pictures. It's free and works fine. I've no idea of how to automatically add all those shrinked pictures to your slides, but I wouldn't try to do it in perl. Alternatively I would try it in perl but without using Powerpoint. Maybe is a tool you would like to use for this kind of task, or the perl-based SPIP but it seems that there exists only a german documentation for it until now.

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