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I don't think the referenced patent has any applicability to CGI scripts written in Perl. To quote:

1. A method of serving output signals from a serving device to a plurality of browsing devices connected to a network, wherein said output signals represent commands executable by a browsing device so as to display viewable data in accordance with a specified page format; (emphasis mine)

A CGI script, particularly from the mid-90's, returned back HTML. HTML isn't a series of commands executable by anything - it's a Markup Language, invented at CERN (if memory serves). That patent may be applicable to DHTML, particularly the NS3 world of Javascript and Ecmascript.

Plus, WTF is Dennis Ritchie doing suing over Perl CGI scripts? I don't think he wants to get into a fight with the FSF (which is what he's looking to do). Have you sent an email their way yet? Maybe Stallman should get involved.

My criteria for good software:
  1. Does it work?
  2. Can someone else come in, make a change, and be reasonably certain no bugs were introduced?