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Hi monks,

I have downloaded WWW-Mechanize-1.16.tar.gz as i donot have Mechanize module in my linux box. How do i add it to perl so that i can use Mechanize module in my programs.

And one more thing , could you help me where to find good documentation on this WWW::Mechanize module.I have already got "" document. I need a bit more good document so that a novice like me can learn programming with Mechanize module.

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Re: add WWW::Mechanize module to linux
by planetscape (Chancellor) on Nov 08, 2005 at 08:24 UTC
Re: add WWW::Mechanize module to linux
by spiritway (Vicar) on Nov 08, 2005 at 08:21 UTC

    Put the file into a safe location (meaning, it won't clobber other files). You can get your files out with a single conmmand: tar -zxvf your-module.tar.gz. Once you have extracted all the files, etc., you need to creat the make file. This process is ususally automate. First you run the Makefile.PL script. This will create a makefile that should fit your system.

    Find the makefile, and cd to that directory if necessary. The type 'make'. If all goes well, you should see this on your screen. Now type 'make install'. If your Perl lives in a directory you can't write to, you'll have to swith to root to get 'make install' to work. I'm told that you can install modules into your own directoy, but I've never managed to do this.