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So, a long time ago when I was young and foolish I wrote PHP for the web. I needed to do some sort of long-running database-groveling job, and a friend told me that Perl and DBI were really superior to PHP's database interface. I did the job in PHP anyway, but I looked into perl, started reading the perldocs, and wrote some bits of code. It took me some time, but once I was comfortable with Perl I was never happy writing PHP again, and before long I gave it up.

For a long time I only did Perl for fun or for open source, but since 2006 I've been employed as a programmer, doing primarily Perl, primarily of the web variety. I'm also familiar with C, JavaS‎crip‎t, bourne sh, and various bits of other languages, and I have a good knowledge of the inner workings of unix and the inner workings of computers, which I think lends a great sense of perspective that can be lost if the only thing you know is a high-level language like Perl.

I work with Catalyst on a daily basis and I've made a few small contributions to the project. I'm also greatly interested in Moose, Modern/Enlightened/otherwise Awesome Perl, and a long, healthy future for Perl 5.