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Sorry, you misunderstood me. The problem is that I write a module, Tye::IsCool, that implements objects as blessed references to a hash. Well, you already wrote a module called Chromatic::HashMangler which is just the cat's pajamas and does interesting things to hashes.

Well, inside of sub Tye::IsCool::AmazeNAstound() I want to use your module to do complex things to the hash that implements my object. But your module does:

sub Chromatic::HashMangler::DeepMagic { my $refToHashToMangle= shift; croak "You suck" unless "HASH" eq ref($refToHashToMangle);
so I'm screwed because you won't get "HASH"; you'll get "Tye::IsCool" and croak.

Its a been a long day for me (and it isn't over yet), so I hope that makes more sense. :-}

        - tye (but my friends call me "Tye")