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Re: Embedded POD

by BoredByPolitics (Scribe)
on Jan 11, 2001 at 19:12 UTC ( #51122=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Embedded POD

OK - Rule Number 1 - when something bizaire happens with text processing tools, always, always, always check that it's not something to do with the end of line character(s)!

Many thanks for the help I received in the CB, but it turned out to be the \r\n line endings which was causing the problem. Now, perhaps if I hadn't just switched from using vi to emacs, I might have noticed that!


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Re: Re: Embedded POD
by Caillte (Friar) on Jan 11, 2001 at 19:19 UTC

    Use vi! It is your path to salvation!!!! :)

    Mutters "There, if that doesn't start a flame war nothing willl BWaaaaHAHAHA!!"</html>

      Actually, I prefer Xema... Oh, why bother?


      "Perl makes the fun jobs fun
      and the boring jobs bearable" - me

        I love Xema, Warrior Princess! She kicks Ancient Greek ass!

        Philosophy can be made out of anything. Or less -- Jerry A. Fodor

Shameful text conversion
by TGI (Parson) on Jan 11, 2001 at 22:55 UTC

    Even though I generally use vi, I recently discovered a use for pico.

    If you open a DOS encoded file in pico and the quit, you will be prompted to save, and if you do, pico will convert the file.

    I can quickly make the conversion with vi; or even write a perl oneliner to do the conversion, but the pico trick uses very few keystrokes, so if I'm not doing anything else to the file or in vi already, I pull pico out of my pocket and use it (hopefully noone is watching).

    TGI says moo

      A closet picophile? Eughh! ;)

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