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The stupid question is the question not asked


by leocharre (Priest)
on Nov 28, 2005 at 19:23 UTC ( [id://512341]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Born in Mar del Plata, Bs As, Argentina. My dad was working two jobs- teaching grad physics and chemistry - and working for Dupont in a third world country when he brought home a TI86 and then a C64- I don't know how he did it. Maybe the 14hr+ work days.
We lived around- moved to Brasil, then when I was 10 we moved to Virginia.

College in Richmond VA, Boston MA- pursuing fine arts. Helped teach some graphic design etc courses at Tufts and the SMFA.

Worked doing websites for myself, friends, art people, musicians.. and then I realized what I could do with computers had some use.

Today I work in Maryland for a small accouting firm, only.. I don't do accounting. I do some document archiving and access control stuff.

My dream is to develop an open source forensics grade document sniffing system. I have some demos running.. I keep trying to rework a propper one. This is hard.. How do you do ocr on 30 gigs of documents when they keep changing content, filename, etc ??? I LOVE THE PROBLEMS

Version: 3.1
GFA/IT d---(-)>++pu s()>:-(-)>- a C++++(++++)$>++++ ULC+++(++++)$>+++ P++++(+++)$>++++ L+++(+++)$>+++ !E---(---)>--- W--(++)$>-- N++(++)>++ o--(--)?>-- K-(-)?>- !w---(---)>--- !O-(-)>- M()>+$ !V PS++(+++)>++ PE-(-)>- !Y+(+)>++ PGP()>+ !t---(---)>--- !5()> X+(++)>++ !R-(-)>- tv-()>-- b()>+++ DI++(++)>++ D+(+)>+ G()> e(+)>++++ h-(+)>+ r+(-)>+++ y++++*(+++++)>+++
My "site". Leo Charre perl modules on cpan
  • An analogy, is when you tell a story - a parallel. "I once saw a bunny write a poem".
  • A simily, "your code is like shit".
  • A metaphor, "your code is shit".
  • Rhetorical question, "is your code shit?"

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