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Re^3: Language::Prolog::Yaswi

by esskar (Deacon)
on Jan 23, 2006 at 13:12 UTC ( #524919=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Language::Prolog::Yaswi
in thread Language::Prolog::Yaswi

Do you want me to bundle all binaries to a package?

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Re^4: Language::Prolog::Yaswi
by reneeb (Chaplain) on Jan 23, 2006 at 22:15 UTC
    That would be great!

    Update: Randy has built a ppm version and it is now available on the theoryx5 repository...
      I've installed the ppm package built by Randy, but now I get the error "Can't find PL_memory_wrap" in "perl58.dll". And then "Can't load 'C:/usr/sit/lib/auto/Language/Prolog/Yaswi/Low/Low.dll' for module Language::Prolog::Yaswi::Low: load_file: Can't find ... at C:/usr/lib/XSLoader lin 68."
      What can I do??

      I am using Perl 5.8.6 on Windows and the ppm that does cover Language::Prolog::Yaswi 0.08
        Heh ... you are having fun, aren't you.
        You won't find "PL_memory_wrap" in any perl58.dll prior to version 5.8.7. My guess is that Randy has built the ppm using perl 5.8.7 and that, for an L::P::Y that's going to be run on an earlier perl 5.8.x, you need to build L::P::Y with an earlier perl 5.8.x. I could build a ppm using perl 5.8.6 and send you that (if you tell me where to send it).

        As for the inability to load Low.dll, I guess that's the message you see after you acknowledge the pop-up complaining about the absence of "PL_memory_wrap" - which would indicate that it's just a consequence of that "PL_memory_wrap" error. (ie, if the "PL_memory_wrap" issue is addressed, I expect that "Low.dll" error will go away.) Other than that - what does the error message tell you that it "Can't find" ? Is pl\bin in your path ?

        C:/usr/lib/XSLoader looks like a Cygwin path, rather than the location one would expect for XSLoader in a "native" Windows environment. Are you using the ppm with your Cygwin perl ? Does that work reliably ? My notion is that there could be problems in trying to use "native" Windows binaries in the Cygwin environment - but I've little experience with Cygwin and really don't know.


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