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Update: The problem described in this post is fixed in GD v2.31 now on cpan.

Is there anything obvious as to why the "free to wrong pool" and segfault should happen, but only on the second call to this sub?

Does it occur on other platforms/versions?

#! perl -slw use strict; use GD; sub x{ my( $x, $y ) = @_; GD::Image->trueColor( 1 ); my $gd = GD::Image->new( $x, $y ); my $raw = $gd->gd; my $img = GD::Image->newFromGdData( $raw ) or die "$!, $^E"; return $img->jpeg; } print "Perl:$]; $GD::VERSION"; my $cap = x( 100, 100 ); printf 'Waiting'; <STDIN>; $cap = x( 100, 100 ); __END__ C:\Perl\test>junk3 Perl:5.008007; 2.28 Waiting Free to wrong pool 2227b0 not a797469 at C:\Perl\test\ line 9, + <STDIN> line 1.

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