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Re: TIMTOWTDI -- so long as it's not my way

by radagast (Sexton)
on Jan 19, 2001 at 16:40 UTC ( #52975=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to TIMTOWTDI -- so long as it's not my way

Here are a couple of enormously annoying mistakes. First, as my background before Perl (B.P.?) was C/C++, I always had fun forgetting to prefix my variables with $ or better yet, getting careless with Perl's flexibility and not initializing some variables before they were used.

Second, this is more to do with the keyboard I use but it affects most of my work which is in Perl. I have a British keyboard and the British Pound happens to be next to the $ and occasionally my finger slips. Through telnet, I was always accidently placing pounds and whenever the scripts executed, I always got something along the lines of '\024 not found'. The pound never showed up. Only by using a windows program, UltraEdit, did I catch the mistake. Hugely embarrasing.
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