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Re: Could anyone explain the following Class::MethodMaker Code ?

by wazoox (Prior)
on Feb 20, 2006 at 11:53 UTC ( #531385=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Could anyone explain the following Class::MethodMaker Code ?

Blech. That is really the sort of code that makes perl's bad reputation...
So what do we have ? here's my explanation : the enclosing "[]" force an anonymous array context. Inside we have 2 array elements :
scalar => [+{ -type => 'File::stat' }, qw/ name /], new => 'new',
The last one ( new => 'new') is clear enough. The first one is trickier : scalar is the hash key; let's analyse the content :
[+{ -type => 'File::stat' }, qw/ name /]
the enclosing square braces once again force an anonymous array. Inside there are two elements :
+{ -type => 'File::stat' }, qw/ name /
, the + force the following curly brace {} to be interpreted as an hash element and not a code block. so that's simply an anonymous hash entry.
"qw/name/" is just useless here because there's only one word...
Finally that's not very complex, just extremely obfuscated...
Here's what Data::Dumper can tell us about this structure, finally :
$VAR1 = { 'scalar' => [ { '-type' => 'File::stat' }, 'name' ], 'new' => 'new' };
It's way better, isn't it ?
update : I forgot to mention that this structure looks like a pseudo-hash.

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