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first (intentional) obfu

by SamCG (Hermit)
on Feb 21, 2006 at 18:09 UTC ( [id://531755] : obfuscated . print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

A first attempt at really doing an obfu. I'm not thrilled with it, but I lacked time, and this contains the main ideas of the obfu. I don't think this is my strength.
$CX='@l658072wq'; print map {reset;;?[];vec (join(keys %_),5,8);} readpipe *CX; 2;]??chr:m}l}?chr(ord($_|$/)):chr(length($^T))} unpack 'a2'x5, $CX;

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Re: first (intentional) obfu
by ambrus (Abbot) on Feb 21, 2006 at 22:41 UTC

    Wow! This is a truly brilliant obfu.

    It completely put me on the wrong track when I tried to understand it.

    What first took my attention was the readpipe *CX statement. I couldn't see how it could give anything useful as *CX is clearly an invalid command.

    So as *CX is invalid, this command would return an empty list. I have removed readpipe *CX from the code, and indeed, it didn't change anything.

Re: first (intentional) obfu
by chargrill (Parson) on Feb 21, 2006 at 22:30 UTC

    I like it! Though you'll have to wait for the vote fairy to make her rounds before I can ++ you. Anything that doesn't better reveal itself when run with -MO=Deparse is good in my book :)

    ++ forthcoming :)

    $/ = q#(\w)# ; sub sig { print scalar reverse join ' ', @_ } + sig map { s$\$/\$/$\$2\$1$g && $_ } split( ' ', ",erckha rlPe erthnoa stJu +" );
Re: first (intentional) obfu
by SamCG (Hermit) on Feb 23, 2006 at 18:53 UTC
    Thank you all for your kind comments. ambrus especially for his sharp de-obfuscation, chargill especially for his mention of -MO=Deparse (a test I'll make sure any of my future obfus pass), and liverpole especially for welcoming me to the club ;). Actually, it was some of liverpole's impressive obfus that made me think I should post one, though I still don't think I'm particularly gifted at it.

    Next time, I'll try harder :)
Re: first (intentional) obfu
by liverpole (Monsignor) on Feb 22, 2006 at 15:32 UTC
    Welcome to the club, SamCG,

    It's a novel approach for an obfu, and an especially good one for your first!

    @ARGV=split//,"/:L"; map{print substr crypt($_,ord pop),2,3}qw"PerlyouC READPIPE provides"
Re: first (intentional) obfu
by jdalbec (Deacon) on Feb 24, 2006 at 06:07 UTC
      Yes, this obfu is not recommended for use in programming nuclear reactors, it is not prudent for medical equipment, and is not guaranteed for flight navigational or traffic control systems. ;)