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if anyone could give me some pointers, that would be uber.
Whenever you catch yourself typing the same expressions more than two times, give it a break and think: "Can I somehow express this in a loop?". In this case the outcome of such a thought would look like this code.
use strict; my @haiku = ( [ 'annoying sensei', 'oh, young grasshopper', 'dis-honourable', 'you aburi brain' ], [ 'learn to run before you walk', 'he thinks he knows everything', 'insubordinate pupil', ], [ 'hey, wait a minute', 'he must be senile', 'he will face my wrath', 'his brain is not well' ], ); for my $line (0..2) { print $haiku[$line][rand @{$haiku[$line]}], "\n"; }
Here we have a data structure (array of arrays) that holds your haiku strings. Once we have that we can easily loop over the main array an choose a random line from each "sub-array". See perlref and perlreftut for more about data structures.

holli, /regexed monk/