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"I just can't get it to work" implies there is something you've tried. What is it?

/[#*]/ seems like the right idea to me, but perhaps that isn't fitting into the code you've got, so more context would help us help you.

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Re^2: Simple regexp question
by droog114 (Initiate) on Mar 31, 2006 at 05:54 UTC
    Hi, sorry for the lack of info, I am new at this. Anyways, my text file features the following set of lines at variable lengths # **************************** I basically just want to get rid of all #'s and *'s in the file.
      perl -pe "s/[#*]//g" infile > outfile
      or in-place:
      perl -i.bak -pe "s/[#*]//g" filename
      If you want to delete the entire line, then
      perl -pe "next if /[#*]/" infile > outfile
      or in-place:
      perl -i.bak -pe "next if /[#*]/" filename