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I am using ActivePerl at work to create some error checking scripts for the new machines we build here. I managed to fit the needed components of ActivePerl onto a floppy disk for portable use, and also mananged to fit the File module as well. Unfortunately, this left me with very little left for scripts, so I editted the File module to include only the modules parts I needed and removed everything I could from ActivePerl. I currently have about 380kb of space on the disk, which is plenty for scripts, but I may need to add additional modules later.

Are there any scripts or programs that strip the Perldoc code from modules? I just want to save a few extra K on the floppy.

Disclaimer: Yes, I know this is bad practice. I program all scripts on a machine with the full install so I don't feel bad about it. Also, a cdrom is out of the question at this time for internal reasons. Let it be said it's in the works, but not for a couple of months (at which time I plan a unified toolkit instead of a stack of floppys.)