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Re: Reliable software OR Is CPAN the sacred cow

by Anonymous Monk
on Sep 16, 2006 at 00:56 UTC ( #573277=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Reliable software: SOLVED (was: Reliable software OR Is CPAN the sacred cow)

Bloody DJB fanboys and their useless rants! You guys pop up every now and then on any programming-related mailing list or forum, spew forth about how nobody understands "secure" programming except for you and the celestial DJB and then vanish again because it takes you six months to code a secure way of opening a file.

Answer me this, oh powerful one, if your esteemed deity's way of programming is so ultimately superior why does noone (not even the vocal members of the qmail and djbns mailing lists) use the code as he wrote it? They all use extensions and enhancements someone else added (which by the somewhat insane license DJB uses would be illegal if anyone cared) or rewrite the whole shebang themselves because otherwise these apps might have been useful last decade but certainly are not now.

So yeah, go ahead, program your own POWER::SUPER::IAMGOD:: namespace as long as you like and revel in your superiority. The rest of us will happily go on using modules that actually do the work. Feel free to climb down from your tower whenever you want to contribute to the real world.
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